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The Age of Exploration: Grass and The Great White Silence

February 16, 2014, 2pm

Grass and The Great White Silence


Grass, A Nation's Battle for Life
Directors: Merian C. Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack (USA, English titles, 71m, 1925)

The Great White Silence
Director: Herbert G. Ponting (UK, English, 108m, 1924)

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One of the most incredible documentaries of all time, Grass details the yearly migration of the Bakhtiari tribe of Persia (now Iran). King Kong creators Cooper and Schoedsack almost froze to death while filming the endless river of 50,000 plus men, women and children - their feet bare or wrapped in rags - winding up the side of the sheer, snow-covered rock face of the 15,000-foot-high Zardeh Kuh mountain. Intrepid American journalist Marguerite Harrison traveled with the tribe as they moved their herds to new pastures, and appears in the film during the migration.

Over one hundred years ago, in July 1910, Captain Robert Falcon Scott set out from England on the ill-fated Terra Nova expedition. Scott's goal was to be the first to reach the South Pole, at the white heart of Antarctica. For much of his journey, he was accompanied by early film-maker, Herbert Ponting. Ponting's unique film of that expedition, The Great White Silence, has been digitally restored by the British Film Institute.

Presented by Dennis Doros and Amy Heller of Milestone Film, with Dr. Catherine Griggs, Associate Professor of American Studies at Eckerd College. Amy Heller and Dennis Doros started Milestone in 1990 and soon gained an international reputation for releasing restored classic cinema masterpieces, documentaries and American independent features. Milestone occupies a position as one of the country's most influential independent distributors. The company's many awards include six Archival and Film Heritage Awards from the National Society of Film Critics; two Special Awards from the New York Film Critics Circle; the International Film Seminars' prestigious Leo Award; and honors from the Fort Lee Film Commission, Il Cinema Ritrovato, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and Anthology Film Archives.

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