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Tourism and Nature: Gringo Trails

February 15, 2014, 7pm

Gringo Trails


Director: Pegi Vail (USA, English, 80m, 2013)

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People travel to exotic places around the world to escape their everyday lives. Unfortunately, they bring their bad habits with them. Anthropologist Pegi Vail examines the impact of ecotourism, especially on places whose initial appeal was their pristine and untouched character.

Presented by Pegi Vail, Director, and Melvin Estrella, Cinematographer and Producer. Pegi Vail is an anthropologist and Associate Director of the Center for Media, Culture, and History at NYU. She has taught at NYU and Columbia University on Film, Culture, and Tourism. Melvin Estrella (Director of Photography/Producer) has worked in numerous capacities within the independent film arena as well as within commercial, television, and non-profit production.

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