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Urban Issues: Lost Rivers

February 18, 2014, 7pm

Lost Rivers


Director: Carol Bacle (Canada, French, English, Italian, Korean 72m, 2012)

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Most urban areas were built where waters were plentiful, where streams and rivers flowed. Somehow, however, most of these waterways have disappeared. This fascinating documentary directed by Carolyn Bacle examines the question where all these rivers have gone. It turns out they are not missing, but hidden. The film follows subterranean explorers, equipped with headlamps and fishermen's boots, on sometimes illegal excursions underground to explore these ancient watercourses. The film also depicts regional architects, urban ecologists and activists who hope to return buried water flows to where they had been since ancient times - on the surface.

Presenter: Anne-Marie Mitroff
Ann-Marie Mitroff is Groundwork Hudson Valley's Director of River Programs. Ms. Mitroff is deeply engaged in projects involving the opening up of the Saw Mill River.

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