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The Lloyd W. Chapin Faculty Fellowship Program, established by a generous gift from Helmar Nielsen, longtime benefactor of Eckerd College and member of the College's Board of Trustees, provides support for Eckerd faculty to take advantage of professional development opportunities, engage in research, attend professional conferences, and pursue innovative pedagogical and curricular ideas. This program will provide fellowships for faculty in the arts and humanities and for those who teach in the core general education program (who are especially encouraged to focus on pedagogy).

Description of the Application Process
One round of competition will be held each academic year. Typically, Chapin Fellowships will range from $10,000-$15,000 and will be awarded on the basis of the criteria described below.  The deadline for proposals for is March 25.  Recipients will be notified by April 8.  Submissions should be sent or delivered to the Dean of Faculty, Upham Administration Building, in hard copy form.

All full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty are eligible for funding.  Proposals may receive full or partial funding and may be combined with support obtained from sources external to the College. 

Guidelines for Submission
Proposed projects must have clearly defined objectives (including professional and or instructional components) in keeping with the overall goal of enhancing pedagogical innovation and scholarly productivity in the arts, humanities as well as the core general education program.

The proposed narrative is not to exceed five double-spaced pages that include:

  • a brief statement about the motivation that gave rise to the proposal;
  • an outline of expected outcomes and how they will be assessed;
  • a project time frame (including dates for completing portions of the work and submitting reports);
  • other sources of funding, if any; and
  • a budget detailing total project costs. 

Conditions of the Grant
The activities of Chapin Fellows (other than travel to professional meetings and other exceptional events) will be conducted during summers and hexennial leaves, so as to avoid staffing consequences during the regular academic year.  Successful applicants are expected to work full time on their proposed projects throughout the duration of the grant period and may not accept teaching assignments or engage in other activities that divert them from their projects. Given the generous nature of the Chapin Fellowships, recipients will not be eligible for additional Eckerd College Faculty Development Grants during the period of the award or for expenses related to it.

Changes in Proposed Projects
Once projects have been approved, all changes must be approved in advance by the Dean of Faculty.

Midpoint and Final Reports
Chapin Fellows shall submit a brief (one-page) report to the Dean of Faculty at the midpoint of the grant period, summarizing progress to date.  A more thorough report must be filed at the end of the grant period, no later than three weeks after completion of the project. 

The final report should:

  • address initial goals and assess to what extent they were fulfilled;
  • include a summary (with examples) of work produced;
  • provide critical reflection about the experience and its relation to teaching and/or professional goals; and
  • account for funds expended (itemized receipts are required for expenditures beyond stipend and at-home living expenses).

Proposal Review Process
The Dean of Faculty, the Associate Dean for Faculty Development, and previous Chapin Fellows will review proposals for Chapin Fellowships.  Ultimate authority to award grants and to approve changes will be given to the Dean of Faculty.  In general, funds will not be awarded for the purchase of equipment and materials, except for supplies directly related to the success of the specific project.

Expectations of Recipients
Chapin Fellows may be asked to share the results of their projects with the broader College community by making presentations at Food for Thought, a Teaching and Learning Conversation, or another venue.  Such presentations will serve to recognize faculty who have received the awards, provide a forum for sharing their scholarship with a wider audience, and help to publicize this funding opportunity.

Disbursement of Funds awarded
Cash advances (for expenses such as registration fees, travel funds) will be available as soon as the grants are awarded.  One-third of the remaining funds will be accessible at the start of the grant period, one-third after receipt of a satisfactory midpoint progress report, and the remainder after receipt of the final report. 

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Through careful stewardship of human, financial and physical resources, the Office of the Dean of Faculty ensures the integrity and quality of the academic program at Eckerd College.