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The Russ Family Fund for International Initiatives is a permanent endowment established by generous gifts from the Russ family to provide grant support for Eckerd College faculty eager to gain international experience and expertise.  The funds should be used to strengthen the global dimension in their teaching and scholarship.

Funding and Administration
One round of competition will be held each academic year. Typically, the Russ Grant amount will range from $5,000-$7,000 and will be awarded on the basis of the criteria described below:

  1. Applicants must be full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty. Preference is given to the following:
    • Faculty with limited international research experience;
    • Faculty submitting a Russ Family Fund proposal for the first time; and/or
    • Faculty proposing a new initiative at a location not previously visited by the researcher or other faculty.
  2. Proposed projects must have a clearly defined instructional objective in keeping with the overall goal of increasing the capacity of students to function in a global and multicultural environment. Projects crossing departmental and divisional lines are encouraged.
  3. The applicant must describe an outcome that can be accomplished within a specific timeframe. Grant accounts remain open for an 18-month period beginning on the award date, but brief extensions maybe granted later by the Dean of Faculty at the request of the recipient.
  4. Proposals may receive full or partial funding based on merit and the availability of funds. Proposals may be strengthened if evidence is submitted that partial support has been obtained or is being sought from other funding source.
  5. Applicants may submit proposals that include participation in an academic or professional conference abroad only if a significant additional research component is included that requires an extended stay at the same foreign location.
  6. Proposals from previous grantees will be considered only if a report detailing the results of that research has been received by the Dean of Faculty. At least three years must elapse from the date of a previous award before a previous grantee is eligible to apply again for Russ Family Fund support.

Submission of Proposals
One round of competition will be held in each academic year. The deadline for submission of proposals is October 1st for projects to be funded by November 15th.

  1. The application for funding is to be submitted along with the attached signed cover page containing the name of the applicant and any co-applicants, departmental affiliation(s),  the project name and abstract, the dollar amounts requested, and the estimated  duration of the project. The cover page should be duplicated for co-applicant(s) and must contain the signatures of the applicant, any co-applicant(s), and their respective Collegial Chair(s).
  2. The application is to be accompanied by the curriculum vita of the applicant and all project personnel.
  3. The proposal narrative is not to exceed five double-spaced pages. It must outline the details of the project, expected outcomes, timeframe for completion (including specific  dates of overseas travel) and the total projected cost, including travel, living expenses while on site and materials, as appropriate. Two budgets are to be submitted as follows:
    • The minimum level of support needed to achieve the primary objective; or complete the initial stage of a multi-stage project extending from one to two years with multiple sources of funding; and
    • The level of funding required to accomplish ALL of the goals and objectives outlined in the proposal.
  4. If the applicant is not proficient in the language of the country where the research is to be conducted, include a description of the arrangements made to resolve any anticipated language problems.
  5. If an essential component of the proposal requires that special arrangements be made for support on site or to meet with individuals in the host country, copies of correspondence or letters of invitation should be included as supporting documentation.
  6. The applicant shall provide information on other sources of funding either approved or applied for, and indicate if potential sources external to the College will require matching institutional support.
  7. The Collegial Chair of the applicant and any co-applicant(s) will be expected to provide a written commentary on the merits of the proposal.
  8. Other letters may be submitted, particularly from those who represent constituencies that are most likely to benefit from the completed project, and from those in foreign countries whose support may be needed to carry out the project.

Proposal Review Criteria
Proposals are reviewed by the Dean of Faculty, the Associate Dean for Faculty Development, and the Director of International Education, with ultimate authority to award the grants given to the Dean of Faculty. Every effort is made to notify grantees of the award decisions within three weeks of the deadline date. The funding decisions will be based on the following guidelines:

  1. Priority is given to research conducted abroad that will directly impact teaching at Eckerd College. Descriptions of proposed research should indicate if the research will result in the development of new courses with international/comparative content or the strengthening of the international dimension of existing courses.
  2. In general, funds will not be allocated for the purchase of equipment and materials except for the reasonable costs of supplies directly related to the success of the specific project.
  3. Funds are specifically designated for faculty. Students are not supported, nor will funds be provided to cover faculty salaries or departmental costs to reduce or replace a faculty member's teaching load.
  4. Proposals are encouraged which focus on parts of the world which are generally underrepresented in our curricular offerings.
  5. Only under the most unusual circumstances will changes or revisions to the original proposal be accepted after funding has been approved. Requests for changes or revisions necessary to the success of the project must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Faculty for approval.
  6. Except in those cases where it is clear from the proposal that the project may require an extended period of time to complete, it is expected that the amount budgeted will be expended within 18 months of the date when notification of the award is made.

Expectations of Recipients
Those who receive awards from the Russ Family Fund may be asked to share the results of their scholarship with the broader College community by making a presentation at a Faculty Forum or other venue. Such a presentation will serve to recognize faculty who have received awards, provide a forum to share their scholarship with a wider audience and help to further publicize the funding opportunity available from this source.

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