What Would You Like to See Done?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any sources of renewable energy on campus?

We currently have solar parabolic mirrors installed by the Galbraith Marine Science Labs. It is scheduled to be operational by Fall 2011. It will run the seawater pump for the building's labs.

2. What are some proposed initiatives for this year?

We are revamping the Eco-Clamshell program, increasing composting from residence halls and dining facilities, conducting an energy competition between the four Iota houses, raising awareness and increasing access to donate into the Eckerd College Carbon Offset Fund, assessing the possibility of Meatless Mondays in at least one of the three dining halls, installing Vending Misers, and increasing our electronics recycling program.

3. How best can I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to join one of our environmental clubs on campus. Click here for a list of active student groups.

Do you have any questions about sustainability at Eckerd? Any further ideas? Please contact:
Evan Bollier
Sustainability Fellow          
Gamma Office
Hours: 9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday                                             
Phone: 727.864.8908
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