Electronics Recycling

Eckerd's Office of Sustainability in Gamma now serves as a convenient new place to recycle your old electronics and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs on campus!

What electronics can be recycled?

Batteries, cell phones, calculators, printers, laptops, printer cartridges, monitors, CPUs, mice/keyboards, and DVD players.

What will happen to them?

Cell phones will be donated to the Cell Phones for Soldiers program. Each donated cell phone will provide an hour of calling time for a soldier abroad. All of the other electronics will be brought to ITS so that they will be picked up by a local e-recycling company to be properly disposed of.

Where are the bins to donate phones?

Franklin Templeton

Brown Hall



Office of Sustainability

Can CFL bulbs be recycled too?

Yes! Bring them to the Office of Sustainability in Gamma. The old bulbs will be brought to the nearest CFL recycling facility in Pinellas County.