Eckerd College Carbon Offset Fund

Want to offset your carbon footprint from flying for Winter Term and Spring Break Service Learning trips? Donate designated amounts to the EC Carbon Offset Fund this year! Money from the fund will be used for sustainability projects on Eckerd's campus.

Who gets to choose where the money goes?

You do! Check your email for a poll that is open to all students between March 7 and 14, 2012. Choose any one of the three designated projects that you want to see the money support.

How much does it cost to donate?

For the cost of individual Winter Term programs, visit International Education.

What are the proposed projects?

Reducing paper towel consumption- If chosen, the money will go towards the purchase of a Dyson Airblade for the Cobb Fitness Center bathroom. This is an extremely energy efficient machine using 80% less electricity than a standard warm air hand dryer. Each dry with paper towels accounts for 12.5g of carbon dioxide where as the Airblade emits 3.8g of carbon dioxide per dry. This is a 70% carbon reduction over paper towels.

Increasing energy efficiency- If chosen, the money will be used for 15 EcoThink Modlet smart plugs, which drastically reduce stand by (or vampire) power in computer labs and other places with large plug loads when not in use.

Promoting reusable water bottles-If chosen, the money will go to purchase two water bottle filling stations. These filling stations make it much more easier and efficient to fill reusable water bottles with filtered, cold, clean water while avoiding disposable plastic water bottles.

What projects has the money supported in the past?

In the past it has gone to purchase VendingMisers for several machines around campus and starting up the composting program. VendingMisers are infrared motion sensors that power down vending machines if there is no foot traffic for a certain amount of time. Once activity is sensed, it will turn on the machine to quickly cool down beverages in case a purchase is made. How much energy do these actually save? VendingMisers can save anywhere from $50 to $100 annually per machine in electricity.

How can I donate?

Print out this slip, write a check or enter your credit card information for the designated amount and bring it to Evan Bollier, Sustainability Fellow, in the Gamma Office. The money will be directly deposited into the Fund.