Yellow Bike Program

The yellow bike has in recent years become a new symbol of Eckerd College. The Yellow Bike Program started in the spring of 2004, and since then it has gained national recognition (see links to press below). The yellow bikes all around campus have become a symbol of Eckerd College. Students, faculty, staff, and even President Eastman can be spotted riding them. The goal of the program is to have less vehicle traffic which decreases greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our harm to the environment. The bikes on campus will help lead to a mostly walking campus, and an eco-friendly campus. The Yellow Bike Program was recognized in 2005 by the National Wildlife Federation, and it has gained local and national news attention.

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Yellow Bikes

How the Program Works

Anyone on campus can pick up a yellow bike that is not being used and ride it to where they need to go. When you get to your destination, you place the bike in the nearest bike rack or gently on the ground if there is no available space in the rack. The next person that comes along and needs a bike can pick it up and ride it to their destination, and the circle continues. If the bike is broken then you should flip it upside down.

Rules for the Yellow Bikes

1. Treat the bike with respect as if it were your own

2. DO NOT take the bikes off campus

3. If the bike is broken then flip it upside down

4. Keep the bikes off of the walkways

5. If the bike has a flat tire, pump it up at the nearest bike rack

6. Place bikes in the bike racks when done with them

7. Do not take the seat off of the bikes

8. Do not bring the bikes into the dorms

9. Any mistreating of the bikes will lead to a fine

The cleverness and innovation of the program has garnered significant press coverage, not the least of which centered on the program's being recognized by the National Wildlife Federation.

Yellow Bikes in the News

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The Naperville Sun, November 5, 2007

Eckerd's Yellow Bikes Program Receives Campus Ecology Recognition by National Wildlife Federation
National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Yearbook, December 2005

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The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 9, 2004

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Bay News 9, April 6, 2004

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St. Petersburg Times, March 27, 2004