Eckerd Vendors

Eckerd vendors Bon Appetit (food services) and DTZ (facilities management) have their own sustainable initiatives that contribute to sustainability here at Eckerd.

Bon Appetit

Circle of Responsibility
Circle of Responsibility Eckerd's consciousness of how the provision of campus services can impact the campus and global environment extends to the dining programs. Eckerd's food service provider, Bon Appétit demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility by taking a "macro view of wellness," noting on its corporate sustainability site, that "A healthy environment, community and menu are all vital to the well being of our guests." Toward this end, Bon Appétit promotes what it refers to as a "Circle of Responsibility" in its facilities on campus. Among other things, this program consists of special chef training, a system of labeling foods that defines choices that are local, low fat, organic, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

Food & Climate Change
Low Carbon Diet With rising concerns about climate change, many people are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. The most prominent ideas – choosing energy-efficient lightbulbs, driving hybrid cars, and installing solar panels – miss a step we can take every day: changing our food habits. Given that agriculture is responsible for an estimated one-third of global warming gases worldwide, according to the United Nations, and most of agriculture is food-related, the significant impact of our food choices can hardly be ignored. The primary goal of Bon Appétit’s Low Carbon Diet program is to raise awareness of the significant connection between the food system and climate change, and to activate chefs and consumers to make responsible choices.

Eating Local
Bon Appétit understands that the effects of our food choices extend well beyond the walls of our cafés. The purchases we make can have a profound impact on our community. Every time you eat at your Bon Appétit café, look for menu items with the Farm to Fork icon. That meal contains ingredients that are seasonal and minimally processed and purchased from a local farmer or artisan.

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Green Clean 
Green Clean DTZ, a UGL company, launched GreenClean Program at Eckerd College, recognizing the benefits of a green approach to improve worker safety, reduce waste, cut down on allergic reactions, and improve the indoor air quality for their faculty, staff and students.