ITS Recycling Policy

Information Technology Services at Eckerd serves as a collection point for used computer equipment. ITS recycles the following computer items:

Faculty, staff, and students can drop these items at ITS in the Armacost Library. ITS personnel will pick items up from faculty and staff locations upon request as personnel are available. ITS will also regularly recycle computer equipment when upgrading faculty and staff computers.

Items to be recycled are stored in the ITS store room. The manager of the student repair shop calls a recycler for pickup when the shelves are nearly full. There are typically two pickups per academic year.

A company called Xerographics manages our copiers and printers on campus. Xerographics does recycle these cartridges.

The ITS department does not recycle non-computer related electronics such as televisions, phone equipment, cameras, stereo equipment, batteries, ink and printer cartridges, or car audio equipment. Students and staff are encouraged to contact Hands On Recycling or Creative Recycling to recycle electronics.

ITS also recycles packing material, boxes, cardboard, and other recyclable material used in the normal course of ITS business on an ongoing basis. ITS collects and periodically recycles batteries used in the normal course of ITS business.

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