Damage Report

Complex and House Damage Report

Select a dorm complex and click "View" to view damage report:

How to read this report:
Review the section for your Complex and House. Each charge is listed as a total cost, and also as a breakdown cost-per-resident of that Complex/House.

Note: Please remember that Shared Complex/House charges are NOT open to appeal. Please refer to the EC-Book, page 46.

*Charges will only be applied to those students who were living in the Complex/House at the date of the repair request.

Please contact us in Housing Life with any questions, comments, or concerns at 864-8899 or at housing@eckerd.edu.

Pet Life

Pet Life

Eckerd College is unique in allowing resident students to have pets on campus.

Beta, Delta and Zeta Lounge Renovations

Zeta Lounge

With the success of the recently renovated Zeta Lounge, the lounges of the Beta and Delta complexes have also been renovated, featuring an enhanced kitchen area, flat screen TV with surround sound and ample study and meeting space along with new couches, chairs and barstool seating.