Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really have to de-loft my bed?
A: Yes, beds must be returned to the original configuration to avoid a $75 charge.

Q: I'm moving out mid school year, but my roommate is still staying. How should I leave the room?
A: Deloft your bed if needed, remove all of your belongings and trash, and empty and wipe clean your closet, dresser, desk, bed, shelves, and wardrobe. Be sure that all areas around your furniture are clean and clear of any debris.

Q: What if I can't find my RA during checkout times?
A: To be sure your RA is there...sign up for a checkout time with them. In the case that your RA is unavailable, seek out another RA or call Residence Life x8421.

Q: How do I report damages in my room, or take responsibility for specific damage?
A: Send damage billing a message or stop by the Housing Office and see Justin Long.

Q: How could I see a list of the costs associated with room / suite damage?
A: To view a list of repair/replace costs for room/suite damages, please review Room Damage Costs

Q: I'm a non-graduate who wants to stay for graduation. What are my housing options?
A: Since you will need to be out of your current room 24 Hours after your last final exam, there are several options. The CEC has limited rooms available (up to 2 persons). Reservations for the CEC should be made in advance at 865-7000. A list of area hotels is also available in the online EC Book (page 148)

Q: Where could I find out more information regarding on-campus summer housing?
A: Contact the Eckerd College Housing office at 727-864-8899 for specific housing questions. For Summer School information, requirements, and applications please contact the Registrars Office at 727-864-8217.

Pet Life

Pet Life

Eckerd College is unique in allowing resident students to have pets on campus.

Beta, Delta and Zeta Lounge Renovations

Zeta Lounge

With the success of the recently renovated Zeta Lounge, the lounges of the Beta and Delta complexes have also been renovated, featuring an enhanced kitchen area, flat screen TV with surround sound and ample study and meeting space along with new couches, chairs and barstool seating.