Pet Life Staff

Pet Council

The Pet Life Staff is made up of students who own pets, resident advisors, and non-pet owners supervised by a professional staff member.

There is an appeal committee which meets on a bi-weekly basis to discuss policy issues.  This committee is made up of Pet Life Staff members and Student Life Staff members. 

All students are encouraged to join to the Pet Life Staff . There are committees that plan registration, pet activities, deal with judiciary issues and concerns. All of these students work with a member of the appeal committee.

Pet Council Staff

Professional Staff Supervisor - Tonya Womack
Director - Williams Clements
Judicial Chair - Natalie Minor
Assistant Judicial Chair - Stephanie Kastan
Registration Chair - Jo Campo
Pet Park Chair - Caley Marchesseault
Activities Chair - Monica Discolo
Public Relations Chair - Hunter Ballak-Leggett

Pet Life

Pet Life

Eckerd College is unique in allowing resident students to have pets on campus.

Beta, Delta and Zeta Lounge Renovations

Zeta Lounge

With the success of the recently renovated Zeta Lounge, the lounges of the Beta and Delta complexes have also been renovated, featuring an enhanced kitchen area, flat screen TV with surround sound and ample study and meeting space along with new couches, chairs and barstool seating.