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Human Resources

Human Resources

Tuition Remission & Courtesy Scholarship

As part of its commitment to lifelong learning and personal improvement, Eckerd College provides assistance through several means for eligible employees, spouses and dependents to further their academic goals.  Chief among these are The Eckerd College Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange programs.

Tuition Remission Overview:
The remission applies only to the cost of the course; materials such as books, application, lab, and degree plan fees are still the responsibility of the student. In addition to this program, Eckerd also offers a Courtesy Scholarship program which applies to domestic partners and ASPEC members. This scholarship is considered tax exempt if it is used in the pursuit of a degree.

Tuition Remission Eligibility:

  • Faculty members (Full-time and Continuing Part-time), their spouses and dependents are eligible to take advantage of the benefit upon hire
  • Full-time staff, their spouses, and dependents are eligible after a ninety-day probationary period
  • Part-Time staff are eligible after two years of continuous service

The first steps in taking advantage of this program is to complete the tuition application that applies to you. Completed applications should be submitted to the Human Resources Office . You will only need to complete the form once to verify initial eligibility.

Tuition Exchange Overview:
The Tuition Exchange Program allows for dependents of Eckerd employees to have their tuition reimbursed at other schools that participate in the exchange network.  The schools that participate in this program are listed at the Tuition Exchange website.

Tuition Exchange Eligibility:
The eligibility requirements for Tuition Exchange are the same as those listed above for Tuition Remission.  The decision is made by participating schools as to which students will be awarded the scholarship.

The coordinator for this program at Eckerd is Patricia LeMieux in the Admissions Office. Contact her for more information or to take the first steps in utilizing this program.

Patricia Lemieux
phone: 727.864.8846
email: lemieupc@eckerd.edu

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The Human Resources Department is committed to supporting the College’s mission, strategic plan, and institutional priorities & goals.  The office’s core services and competencies include employment, orientation, employee benefits, human resources development, personnel records, and compliance with federal and state employment laws.

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