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Human Resources

Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I review my own personnel file?

Any employee can review his/her own personnel file. If you are interested in doing so, please contact HR.

If I get married or have a baby, how do I add my new spouse or baby to my insurance? I've heard there is a specific period that I need to do this by or they may not be eligible. Is this true?

Both of these events, marriage and the birth of a child, are considered "Qualifying Events” that allow employees to make benefit election changes at the time of the event and outside of the Open Enrollment period. Other types of events that would also constitute a "Qualifying Events” include marriage, adoption of a child, divorce, and legal separation. The IRS regulations regarding pre-tax premium plans to not allow for enrollment, additions, changes or cancellations except with the occurrence of a "Qualifying Events", followed by written application for a change within the timeframe. The forms required to make any changes or adjustments must be received by Human Resources within 31 days from the "Qualifying Events”. If the 31 days expires, employees will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to make any changes to their benefit plans. For more information, please feel free to contact the Human Resources.

What if my home address or telephone number changes. What should I do?

You can update your personal information such as home address, telephone number, directly online, using ECWeb. However, if you do not have regular access to a computer or the Self Service functionality, you may stop by Human Resources to complete the necessary form to make the changes or request the form via campus mail.

How might I find out how many days of paid leave I have available?

Employees can obtain their leave balances logging onto the ECWeb, viewing their pay stub, or contacting Human Resources.

Medical Insurance

How do I find a doctor?

There are a number of ways you can find a participating doctor:

  • Of course, the most complete is your benefit booklet you received when you enrolled. If you've misplaced your booklet, you can order one through MyBlueService(sm).
  • MyBlueServiceSM also includes a section called, "Understanding Your Benefits." It provides your benefits at-a-glance, as well as the opportunity to review a glossary of terms.
  • Florida Blue, BCBS's member newsletter, is very helpful. You can view the current edition and look up archived issues.
  • Visit the Products, Plans and Services section of BCBS's site to find brief, easy-to-understand descriptions of your health plan benefits, available services and other insurance products.
  • BCBS's Customer Service Representatives are always willing to help. Just call the number on your member ID card.
  • Speak to your Employer or Benefits Administrator

How do I use my pharmacy benefit?

The best way to use, as well as maximize, your benefit is to check the BCBSF and HOI Medication Guide (PDF) when you receive a prescription from your doctor.

  • If your health plan includes BlueScript® or BlueCare® Rx pharmacy coverage, and you visit a participating pharmacy, you'll simply pay the amount for each covered prescription as determined by your plan, and you'll avoid having to file any claims.
  • Your pharmacy coverage may include Mail Order Pharmacy Service, giving you the option of ordering your prescriptions through the mail and having them delivered to your home. If your coverage includes mail order and you wish to use this benefit, simply complete the Registration and Prescription Order form (PDF) to register yourself and dependents and place an order.

How do I sign up for MyBlueService(sm)?


Go to the MyBlueServiceSM Login page, click Register Now and follow the instructions to create your User ID and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You will need your Social Security number, date of birth and your contract number, which is located on the front of your member ID card. Once you are registered, you can log in to start using all of the convenient self-service features.

By Phone:

To request a PIN and register by phone, you must call from your home touch-tone phone. Just call 1-800-FLA-BLUE (352-2583) and follow the prompts. You'll be asked to enter your Social Security number and date of birth. Once you create your User ID and PIN, go to MyBlueServiceSM and log in.

How Do I Know When it's Appropriate to go to the Emergency Room?

Many people are not sure when they should go to the emergency room and when they should see their doctor. As much as 20 percent of all emergency room visits are made for non-emergency conditions. If you are suffering from the following conditions, you should go directly to the emergency room:

  • Chest pain
  • Breathing difficulties that don't improve
  • Sudden numbness, weakness, disorientation or difficulty speaking
  • Severe abdominal pain, especially if you have a fever
  • Sudden severe headache without a history of migraine headaches
  • Severe bleeding or a deep wound
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Broken bones

How Do I Know When it's Appropriate to go to an Urgent Care Center?

Some conditions require evaluation and treatment in an Urgent Care Center, but are not severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. Urgent care centers provide services on a walk-in basis and are usually open seven days a week, from 10 to 24 hours a day.

An urgent medical condition is one that could lead to an emergency medical condition if not treated promptly. Some examples include high fever, severe headache or sharp pain. Other possible conditions that may require a visit to an Urgent Care Center include:

  • A child's earache
  • Wounds requiring stitches
  • Broken bones and cuts from accidents or falls

After being treated at an emergency room, be sure to contact your primary care physician so that follow-up care can be scheduled, if necessary.

Because no appointment is necessary at an Urgent Care Center, fees may be higher than a visit to your primary care physician, but less than a visit to the emergency room.

Dental Benefits

Do I need an ID card, and if so, how can I obtain one?

Please contact Human Resources to request a copy of your ID card.

Does Florida Combined have a network of participating dentists?

Yes. Florida Combined contracts with participating dentists in all 50 states. When you receive your dental services from a network provider, that provider will accept Florida Combined's allowance as payment in full (less any deductible or coinsurance you are required to pay based on your benefits). Using a network provider may save you out-of-pocket expenses.

Florida Combined offers a national network of over 55,000 participating dentists. To determine if your provider is participating in the network, use the Florida Combined Provider Directory.

Do I have to select a dentist in advance?

No. Under a Fee-for-Service or dental PPO, you simply select any dentist of your choice to receive dental services. However, when you use a network dentist, you will save out-of-pocket expenses because the participating dentists have agreed to accept Florida Combined's allowance as payment in full for covered services (less any deductible or coinsurance you are required to pay on your benefits).

My dentist does not participate in the network. How can I get him/her to join?

If your dentist is not currently participating in the network, you can nominate your dentist by contacting Human Resources.

Is it necessary to request a pre-determination of benefits treatment prior to receiving services?

Although a pre-determination of benefits is not required, if dental charges are expected to exceed $300, we strongly encourage you/your dentist to submit a pre-determination of benefits to Florida Combined to determine how much of your dental services will be covered. This allows you and your dentist to know up front what your financial liability is going to be.

Where do I or my dentist submit claims to?

Dental claims can be submitted to:

Florida Combined Life
P.O. Box 100135
Columbia, SC 29202-3135

Do I have to file the claim?

Participating providers will file claims for you. Some non-participating providers will file claims for you as well.

If the non-participating provider will not file your claim, simply have your provider complete a standard American Dental Association (ADA) claim form, and you can submit the claim form along with your itemized bill to Florida Combined at the address provided above.

  • Visit our online Provider Directory. It enables you to search by different variables that are important to you and will narrow your search.
  • Call the customer service number on your member ID card.
  • Call the doctor of your choice directly to see if he or she is participating.
  • Check with your physician to determine whether extended hours or weekend visits are available in the event you need care beyond normal business hours.

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