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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Long Term Disability (STD)

Updated 2/28/13

The Long Term Disability Core benefit may pay up to a certain percentage of salary (subject to reduction for Other Disability Income Benefits) -- up to a maximum amount per month as stated in the Plan. All employees working a minimum of thirty (30) hours are eligible following the completion of six (6) months of employment (which completes the 26 week STD benefit period).

Additional LTD benefits can be purchased for a certain percentage of salary up to a monthly allowable maximum.

If post-tax benefits are selected, the employee's contribution must be equal to or greater than the cost of the optional LTD. LTD paid with post-tax contributions is not taxable income when the benefit is received. LTD paid from pre-tax contributions is taxable when the benefit is received.

An employee returning from a disability termination shall be eligible for benefits as if there was no break in service.

The College will bear its share of the cost of group health and life insurance premiums during the six month waiting period for the employee only.

Faculty may continue to receive regular salary for a period of six (6) months upon the approval of the Dean of Faculty.

In order for an employee to maintain eligibility for LTD when: 1) outside the continental United States for any length of time, or 2) away from the College (even in the U.S.) for more than a year while on leave, the Human Resources Office must be notified with the following information in writing: date of departure, expected date of return, purpose and location (address) of the trip.

If, at a later date, the individual is able to return to active employment, the College will give the individual consideration for a vacant position for which the individual is qualified.

Please contact the Human Resource Office for more information.