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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures


I understand that I am responsible for reading this Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual (the "Manual"), familiarizing myself with its contents, and adhering to all of the policies and procedures of Eckerd College (the "College"), whether set forth in this Manual or elsewhere.

I understand that the policies and procedures described in this Manual are not conditions of employment. This Manual does not create an express or implied contract between Eckerd College and any of its employees, nor do the contents of this Manual give rise to any enforceable contractual rights with respect to continuing employment or receipt of benefits. The College reserves the right to modify this Manual, amend or terminate any policies, procedures, or employee benefit programs whether or not described in this Manual at any time, or to require and/or increase contributions toward these benefits programs. The College further reserves the right to terminate the employment of any non-faculty employee, at any time, with or without notice or procedure, for any reason deemed by the College to be in the best interests of the College.

I further understand that employees will be informed from time to time of changes to the Manual via memo from the President or his designee. I also understand that it is my responsibility to keep up with the changes to the Manual posted on line and to contact Human Resources if I have any questions or have a problem accessing the online manual.

I understand that this Manual is the property of Eckerd College and personnel policies contained herein were adopted by the College and replace previous policies.

One or more of the policies contained in this Manual were revised or implemented on February 15, 2011.