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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Auxiliary Employment

Effective 2/27/13

Faculty members may have opportunities for income producing employment auxiliary to a full-time professorship. Given the varied forms, in which such employment opportunities present themselves, there is no disposition to regulate auxiliary employment through rigid rules. In all cases the faculty member's paramount responsibility is his or her professional duty to Eckerd College. Time-limited responsibilities which enhance professorial effectiveness are permitted. On the other hand, long-term commitments which make a high cumulative time demand are questionable, particularly if they necessitate absence from the campus when students expect to find personnel available. The controlling issue in all cases is whether the use of time detracts from or enhances professorial effectiveness.

Faculty who wish to undertake auxiliary employment must obtain the prior written approval of the Dean of Faculty.

All Support Staff (Exempt/Non-Exempt) personnel who wish to undertake auxiliary employment must seek counsel from their immediate supervisor, and support staff personnel should obtain the approval of their Vice President or Dean. Executive Staff who seek auxiliary employment must obtain prior written approval from the President.