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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Sexual Harassment Policy

Effective 2/27/13

All employees have the right to work in an environment free from sexual intimidation and/or harassment of any kind. It is Eckerd College's express policy not to tolerate sexual harassment of or by any of its employees and appointed officials.

Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any other verbal, physical or visual conduct of a sexual nature when:

  • Submission to the conduct is made, either implicitly or explicitly, a condition of the individual's employment;
  • Submission to or rejection of the conduct by an individual is used as the basis for an employment decision affecting such individual; or
  • The conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual's work performance, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

For example, unwelcome sexual propositions, suggestive sexual comments, sexually-oriented jokes, remarks, or gestures, or the display of sexually explicit pictures may constitute sexual harassment and must not occur.

Any employee engaging in practices or conduct constituting sexual harassment shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Any employee who feels that he or she has been sexually harassed should report the matter to his/her immediate supervisor. If the immediate supervisor is not available, or the employee, for any reason, does not feel comfortable complaining to him or her, the employee should contact the Director of Human Resources.

Any employee, supervisor or manager who becomes aware of any possible sexual harassment, of or by any employee, should immediately advise the Director of Human Resources. The College will promptly investigate the conduct and ensure that the matter is appropriately resolved.

Individuals Covered Under Policy

This policy covers all employees. Eckerd College will not tolerate, condone or allow sexual harassment, whether engaged in by fellow employees, students, supervisors, suppliers, vendors or non-employees who conduct business with or provide services to the College. The College encourages reporting of all incidents of sexual harassment regardless of who the offender may be.

Reporting a Complaint

While Eckerd College encourages individuals who believe they are being harassed to firmly and promptly notify the offender that his or her behavior is unwelcome, it also recognizes that power and status disparities between an alleged harasser and a target may make such a confrontation impossible. In the event that informal, direct communication between individuals is either ineffective or impossible, the following are the steps that should be followed in reporting a sexual harassment complaint:

  1. Notification of Appropriate Staff

    Individuals who believe they have been subject to sexual harassment must report the incident to the Director of Human Resources.
  2. Description of Misconduct

    An accurate record of objectionable behavior or misconduct is needed to resolve a formal complaint of sexual harassment.

    Verbal reports of sexual harassment must be reduced to writing by either the complainant or the individual(s) designated to receive complaints, and should be signed by the complainant.
  3. Timeframe for Reporting Complaint

    Eckerd College strongly encourages prompt reporting of complaints so that rapid response and appropriate action may be taken.
  4. Protection Against Retaliation

    Eckerd College will not tolerate retaliation in any way against any individual who makes a valid report of sexual harassment nor permit any employee to do so. Retaliation is a serious violation of the sexual harassment policy and should be reported immediately. Any person found to have retaliated against another individual will be subject to the same disciplinary action provided for sexual harassment offenders.