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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Performance Evaluations

Effective 2/27/13

A formal evaluation of each employee's performance is conducted annually by Eckerd College in order to:

Provide an opportunity for communication on the employee's performance and on factors that may have influenced the performance; and

Provide for recognition and record keeping of the employee's achievements, talents, efforts and contributions. Provide an opportunity for counseling the employee in areas where performance may not have met expectations.

Permit management to recognize those employees who display managerial potential or other valuable talents and attributes.


Faculty members shall be evaluated annually in accordance with the policies and procedures stated in the Faculty Handbook.

Fairness and Objectivity

Each supervisor and manager has a responsibility to evaluate his/her employee's performance giving appropriate weight to positive as well as to negative factors. The evaluation should be a measure of how well the employee does his/her job, and the qualities that make him/her a more or less valuable employee.

Employee Review

An evaluation or disciplinary letter should not be placed in an employee's personnel file unless the employee has been given a copy of the document.


The completed evaluation is filed in the employee's personnel file. All evaluations are confidential but may be released to those with a legitimate need to review the document.