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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Probationary Period

Effective 2/27/13


Faculty appointments are made for one year, subject to renewal, subject to the tenure policy (Section 6 of this manual). The period of probation will be stated in writing at the time of initial appointment.

Executive, Administrative, and Support Staff (Exempt/Non-Exempt) Personnel

Employees are on probation for ninety (90) days from the first day the employee reports to work. If, during that period of time, the employee’s work is unsatisfactory or it is determined that continued employment is not advisable, the employment will be terminated. Probationary period can be extended for an additional ninety (90) days under extenuating circumstances in consultation with the Director of Human Resources.

An employee is not eligible to take paid leave, except for established College holidays, until he/she successfully completes the probationary period. Leave does accrue during the probationary period.

Any employee who satisfactorily completes a probationary period shall have regular (non-probationary) status. Changes from probationary status to regular status will be noted in the employee’s file by memorandum from the immediate supervisor.