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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Recruitment and Appointment of Personnel

Effective 2/27/13


The President shall be elected by the Board of Trustees. In selecting a president, the Board of Trustees will provide for a search made by a committee selected from the Board, the faculty, the alumni, the administration, the staff, and the student body. The person chosen may hold faculty status but shall not be granted tenure in the position of President.

Executive Staff

Executive Staff are selected by the President with the advice of and after consultation with the appropriate constituents of the College community. In making Executive Staff and Administrative appointments, the Board and the President will be guided by recommendations for such appointments developed by such nationally recognized higher education associations such as American Association of University Professors, The American Council on Education, and the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges.


Faculty are recruited under the supervision of the Chairperson(s) of the Collegia in cooperation with the faculty in the pertinent discipline(s). A search committee shall make a recommendation to the Dean of Faculty. Upon the approval of the Dean of Faculty, a recommendation shall be presented to the President for approval.

Administrative Staff

Administrative staff (persons reporting directly to Executive Staff) are hired by the Vice President in charge.

Support Staff

Support Staff are hired under the authority of the President as granted to each of the Vice Presidents to fill positions authorized in the annual budget. The selection of candidates for these positions as recommended by the supervisor must be approved by the Vice President in charge of the respective function.

Recruitment Process for Staff

The request to hire staff for a new position or an existing vacated position is made by completing and routing the Position Description (PD) form to Human Resources who will in turn route the form through the appropriate administrative channels for approval.  The position description (PD) form will be used by Human Resources to review and approve the appropriate FLSA status.

Position Announcements      

All Eckerd College open positions (full-time, part-time, and temporary) are posted internally for three business days.

At the end of the posting period, the completed internal applicant folders shall be reviewed by the hiring department and Human Resources.  After the review of the internal applicants, it may be necessary to continue the search by opening the position to external applicants.

The coordination of external vacancies will be facilitated by Human Resources with the approval of the hiring department.  Once the position is advertised, applicants will be asked to direct their letters of interest/resumes to the Human Resources employment web page.


The following steps shall be taken by the hiring supervisor:

1. To ensure consistency in hiring practices, hiring supervisors are strongly encouraged to establish a search committee.  It is recommended that the committee include a member from Human Resources.  

2. When a candidate has been selected, professional references shall be checked by the hiring department.  Professional references consist of those who have worked in a professional capacity with the candidate i.e. supervisor, subordinate, colleague.  The Office of Human Resources has guidelines and tools available to assist in checking references. 

3. Once an offer is made, the hiring supervisor should email Human Resources and Payroll at hrpr@eckerd.edu  with the applicants information to include their name, anticipated start date, salary/hourly amount, as well as any other terms/conditions of employment that were discussed with the employee i.e. any time off requested during the employee's probationary period.

4. The Office of Human Resources will generate the official offer letter to be mailed to the selected candidate.

5. The hiring supervisor should notify those who were interviewed and not selected for the position.  This can be done via email, phone call, or a mailed letter.  The Office of Human Resources can provide sample letter templates.

Orientation of New Employees

New employees will be required to complete the on-line orientation to ensure that they become acquainted with the College's Personnel Policies and Procedures and with the benefit options offered by the College.  New employees will also be required to attend a benefits orientation with Human Resources.