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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Internal Transfer Policy

Effective 2/27/13


Eckerd College promotes opportunities for development and career advancement for its employees through internal transfers and/or promotions.


  • The employee applying for a transfer to a different Department understands that if the transfer is to a position classified at a higher salary, the employee may expect an increase in pay to be negotiated at the time of the offer. If the transfer is to a position classified at a lower salary, the employee understands that there will be a reduction in pay.
  • When a staff member transfers from one Department to another, all unused sick and vacation leave shall be transferred with the employee.
  • Transfers are not permitted until a staff member has completed one or more years of full-time employment in their current position.
  • Offers of employment for all permanent positions are to be coordinated through Human Resources for approval before an actual offer is made.



  • The employee is responsible for evaluating his/her own career interests and goals with Eckerd College.
  • Employee completes an Internal Transfer Opportunity form, obtains his/her supervisor's signature, attaches other documentation as needed, and submits the completed form, attachments, and resume to Human Resources within the 3-day posting period. If the Employee is not comfortable notifying his/her supervisor, HR will contact the supervisor for signature.



  • An employee must be in his or her current position at least one year and be in good standing before he or she is eligible to apply for a transfer.
  • Applicants must meet the experience and educational requirements as outlined in the job posting.
  • Meeting minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee an interview.
  • Eckerd College reserves the right to grant individual exceptions based on business needs.

Application Process

  • When an approved position becomes available, Human Resources will generate the posting announcement via email.
  • The internal posting period is three (3) business days, during which time eligible employees may apply. External recruiting may take place simultaneous to the posting to expedite the process as business needs require.
  • If qualified, internal applicants must complete the Internal Transfer Opportunity Form and obtain his/her supervisor's signature as a notification courtesy. If the applicant is not comfortable notifying his/her supervisor, HR will obtain the signature.
  • The Employee's supervisor signs the Internal Transfer Opportunity Form acknowledging notification of Employee's application and confirms Employee's eligibility.
  • In extreme business conditions, if Employee's supervisor feels the transfer/promotion of Employee will be detrimental to business, Supervisor provides an exception request to the Department VP and HR immediately for approval; if approved, Employee can be informed prior to the interview.
  • The Hiring Manager and/or Human Resources will determine the most qualified internal candidate(s).
  • The Hiring Manager should give first consideration to internal candidates, if qualified.


Please see Hiring Procedures Guidelines.

  • Should the internal candidate(s) not meet the qualifications for the posted position, or are not otherwise selected for interview, the Hiring Manager notifies the candidate(s) they were not selected. If the Hiring Manager is not available, the HR Representative will provide the appropriate feedback to the candidate(s).
  • Hiring Manager may conduct a reference check with Employee's supervisor.

Making the Offer

  • Once a candidate has been selected, the Hiring Manager makes the offer.
  • Upon acceptance of the offer, the Hiring Manager contacts the Releasing Manager to arrange a feasible transfer.