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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Hexennial Leave

Effective 2/28/13

The College seeks to provide periodic opportunities for the professional development of faculty, including professional librarians with faculty status, through hexennial leaves of absence for research, study, and travel. To be eligible, a faculty member must be tenured and hold tenure for a period of one semester and must have served Eckerd College for at least five years excluding other leaves of absence, from the date of full-time appointment or from the time of his or her most recent date of eligibility.

In most cases, the courses normally taught by the faculty member will be omitted during his/her absence. Faculties in the several disciplines will plan their course offerings for a number of years in advance in order to minimize the problems that would otherwise be created by the omission of the courses of faculty members on leave.

A faculty member not returning to the College may not have a hexennial leave. Awards are made on the condition that the faculty member will return for at least one academic year of full-time employment. If a faculty member, after receiving notice of approval of a hexennial leave or while on hexennial leave, gives notice of not returning to the College, the leave will be canceled. If the faculty member is on leave, the College will no longer continue to provide financial support as of the date that the faculty member gives notice of no longer intending to return.

A hexennial leave is for one semester and winter term (or autumn term substitution) at full pay or for one year at half pay. The faculty member’s total pay is not to exceed one-half of nine months' contracted pay for the year of the hexennial. The College will continue to provide all normal benefits for a faculty member on hexennial leave.