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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Professional Leave: Non-Faculty

Effective 2/28/13

Short term professional leave with pay may be granted to any employee to attend meetings, conferences, workshops, etc., in line with the individual's duties at the College, to the extent that the budget and staffing permit. Professional leave may also be granted for the professional staff to participate in other professional activities, such as regional educational accreditation organizations

Executive Staff members may take two (2) weeks each year to be used in pursuit of professional development accruing to the benefit of the College. Professional leave may be accrued for up to four (4) years, permitting two (2) months of professional leave each four years, but there will be no compensation for unused professional leave at the time of termination of employment from the College.

In cases where professional leave is sought in which the employee is to receive honoraria, stipends, or other remuneration (pay) for consulting assignments, the individual must obtain prior approval of his/her supervisor. The employee has the option of retaining remuneration (pay) received, if any, in lieu of regular wages or surrendering all remuneration received and receiving regular wages.