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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Eckerd College Faculty Salary Continuation Policy

Updated 2/28/13


The purpose of this policy is to provide salary continuation to eligible faculty members during periods of prolonged incapacity that qualify under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This policy will run concurrently with the FMLA (FMLA Policy).

The College can discontinue this benefit at anytime at its sole discretion.


All faculty members who have completed at least twelve months of employment with Eckerd College prior to an absence covered by this policy are eligible for Salary Continuation. If incapacity results from an automobile accident or some other incident for which an insurance company or other entity would normally reimburse lost wages, payment of Salary Continuation will be secondary to lost wage payments by any other entity. Prior to providing Salary Continuation in such cases, the College may require proof from the faculty member that payment for lost wages has not been made and will not be forthcoming from a third party. If a faculty member receives a lost wage payment or settlement from a third party after Salary Continuation benefits have been paid, the employee will be responsible for reimbursing the College for the amount paid for lost time.


After a faculty member has been out of work for 5 full consecutive work days, the College will continue his or her salary for up to 90 calendar days at 100% of Base Salary while under doctor's care. Salary continuation for leave from day 91 up to 180 calendar days will be compensated at 66 2/3% of Base Salary while under doctor's care.


A faculty member should contact the Human Resources Department immediately upon commencement of any period of incapacity. In order to receive benefits under this policy, the faculty member must complete and return the Request for Leave Form (Appendix A) and the Physician's Certification (Appendix B) and should consult with the discipline coordinator, collegial chair, and Dean of Faculty as to whether an Education Plan (as set forth below) will be required. Under no circumstances will Salary Continuation payments be provided without appropriate certification of a FMLA qualifying event.

The College reserves the right to require that a faculty member on leave for a serious health condition recertify medical incapacity on a monthly basis. The College reserves the right to request more frequent recertification if : (1) a faculty member requests an extension of leave; (2) circumstances described by the original certification have changed; or (3) the College receives information which casts doubts upon the continuing validity of the certification. Further, the College reserves the right to request an independent medical exam from an independent physician of its choice. In the event that there is no concurrence on the part of an independent medical examiner, the College may request a third opinion or accept the second opinion. If the College elects to seek a third opinion, that doctor's opinion will be binding. The College will pay the cost of the independent examiner as it deems necessary. Failure to comply with the independent medical exam will result in termination of salary continuation benefits and could result in discipline.

If a faculty member has a FMLA qualifying event that requires intermittent time off, the time taken is accumulated and charged against the total period allowed under the salary continuation plan (180 calendar days).

During their employment with the College, each faculty member is limited to three periods of salary continuation benefit (maximum of 180 days each) throughout the duration of his/her employment at the College.


Prior to taking leave, if possible, a faculty member must submit an education plan to the discipline coordinator, collegial chair, and Dean of Faculty addressing plans for completion of any classes currently underway. The plan should include any class materials to be covered, the assigning of grades for any work, and if appropriate, the method by which final grades will be assigned. The faculty member also should propose a plan for advising any student associates while on leave.


Under the provisions of this policy, a faculty member on approved FMLA will be returned to their same position provided s/he is able to return to work either within or upon conclusion of the FMLA leave. A faculty member who regains the ability to return to work but fails to do so at the end of their leave will be required to reimburse the College for the costs of maintaining the faculty member's health and other benefits while out on leave. In such cases, the benefit costs accrued are considered a debt to the College and will be collected from the faculty member or deducted from monies owed the faculty member at the time of his/her separation from the College.



The faculty member will receive his/her salary through regular payroll checks. Therefore, the contributions which are the responsibility of the faculty member will continue to be automatically deducted from his/her paycheck.
Programs which do not require faculty member contributions (i.e., Basic Life, Basic LTD, etc.) will continue to be provided by the College.


Base Salary - is defined as a faculty member's regular base wages excluding overloads or any other special pay.

Doctor's care – is defined as medical incapacitation and receiving care by a physician.

Faculty member – is a full-time or full-time equivalent member of the faculty.

Period – is defined as a maximum of 180 calendar days of salary continuation.

Physician - duly licensed practitioner who is recognized by the law as qualified to treat the type of injury or illness for which a claim is made. The physician may not be a member of your immediate family.


Appendix A - Request for Leave Form (contact Human Resources Office)
Appendix B - Medical Certification (contact Human Resources Office)