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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Sick Leave

Effective 2/28/13


The College recognizes there are times when an employee is unable to come to work due to his or her own illness or the illness of an immediate family member. For these instances the College provides paid sick leave for full-time, regular employees.

Eligibility and Accrual

  1. Accrual will begin on the first day of employment and may not be taken until the completion of the employee's probationary period.
  2. Staff employees may not draw against future sick leave credits nor accumulate more than sixty (60) days.
  3. Accrual of leave will continue while an employee is absent on sick leave, as long as the employee remains in a pay status by the College.

Reporting and Recording Leave


  1. Non-Exempt (Hourly) employees must record hours of sick leave on their timesheets.
  2. Employees who, for any reason, take more than three consecutive (3) days of sick leave (whether paid or unpaid) or who have frequent or intermittent leave patterns will be required to present a Health Care Provider Statement within 15 days of being requested to do so by Human Resources.
    • Human Resources will determine if the event qualifies for FMLA.
    • If the event qualifies for FMLA, employees will be required to file the appropriate forms and return them to Human Resources within the 15 days listed under FMLA, Medical Certification, item number 2.
  3. The following may be recorded as sick leave:
    • Illness of self, spouse, domestic partner, child, parent
    • Doctor or dentist appointments
    • Adoption proceedings
    • Workers Compensation Elimination Period
    • Short Term Disability
  4. Employees who become injured or ill while on vacation may convert their vacation leave to sick leave upon submission of documentation to their supervisor and the Human Resources Office.


  1. Full salary will be continued for up to six (6) months. After six (6) months, paid sick leave for faculty is determined by the Dean of Faculty.
  2. Should extended leave be required, the College will make an effort to employ a temporary person to carry out the duties for a reasonable period of time so that the regular employee may return to the position previously held or a comparable position with comparable pay.

Sick Pay for Terminating Employees

There will be no payment for unused, accrued sick leave at termination/retirement of employment. Human Resources and Payroll will maintain all records of accrued hours/days of paid sick leave.


  1. Serious Health Condition- an injury, impairment, physical or mental condition that involves either of the following:
    • Inpatient care in a hospital, residential care facility, hospice center, or continuing treatment by a health care provider.
  2. Worker's Compensation - Please refer to Worker's Comp Policy (Section 1-17)
  3. Short Term Disability (STD) - Please refer to STD Policy (Section 4-6)