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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Sick Leave Pool Program

Effective 2/28/13


The Sick Leave Pool (SLP) program is a voluntary, confidential program created to afford its members the opportunity to remain in full-pay status and to facilitate continued pay deductions for payment of benefit premiums for a specified period of time after depleting all paid leave (sick, vacation, and personal days).


  1. Participants must be employed by the College on a full-time basis for at least one year prior to joining the pool.
  2. Participants must have accumulated at least twelve (12) days of paid leave (sick and vacation) before they are eligible to donate to the pool. Ten (10) days of accrued paid leave (sick and vacation) must be remaining after their donation.
  3. A contribution of two (2) days will be required to join the pool. In subsequent years, employees will contribute one (1) day to continue participation in the pool. Employees may join the pool during open enrollment or at their one (1) year anniversary of employment, allowing a fifteen (15) day window to enroll from the date of notification subject to their eligibility.
  4. Days contributed to the pool become the property of the pool.
  5. In the event that the pool is depleted, current participants will be asked to contribute two (2) additional days to the pool per fiscal year. This would be required from all pool participants who have a balance of at least ten (10) days of accrued paid leave (sick and vacation) and wish to remain in the pool.
  6. Participation requires completion of the SLP Enrollment/Cancellation Form during Open Enrollment or after completion of one (1) continuous year of employment.


  1. A staff member from Human Resources will be designated as Pool Administrator.
  2. Applications to withdraw sick leave from the pool must be submitted on the 'Sick Leave Request' form. This application must be accompanied by a statement from the health care provider who treated the illness or injury that resulted in the exhaustion of the accrued paid leave of the employee making the application.
  3. The Pool Administrator and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will consider applications in the order in which they are received and will approve or deny an application within five working days after receipt.
  4. In determining the amount of sick leave to be assigned to an eligible employee from the pool, the Pool Administrator shall take into consideration the information contained in the employee's application, the number of applications pending, and the amount of sick leave available in the pool. In no event shall the sick leave allocated to an eligible employee from the pool exceed thirty (30) days per fiscal year. Upon approval of an employee's application, the Pool Administrator shall notify the employee and his/her supervisor.
  5. The Pool Administrator shall credit the SLP with the sick leave contributed by an employee and deduct a corresponding amount from that employee's accrued sick leave.
  6. Sick leave contributed to the pool may not be designated for the use of a particular person.

Recipient Eligibility

  1. SLP recipient must be a member of the pool.
  2. Recipient must have been employed by the College on a full time basis for at least twelve (12) continuous months.
  3. Recipient must have exhausted his/her own paid leave (sick, vacation, and personal time).
  4. A continuous absence from work due to a recipient's own serious health condition or to provide primary care for a family member who has a serious health condition as defined by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  5. Recipient must provide medical documentation as required by FMLA.
  6. Recipient must not have been on probation or counseled for the abuse of sick leave within the past year.
  7. Recipient will be eligible for a maximum of thirty (30) days of sick leave per fiscal year as allowed by the pool, upon exhaustion of time they have personally accrued.
  8. Recipient or authorized agent must complete SLP Request Form prior to exhaustion of their own paid leave (sick, vacation, and personal days) in order to be considered.


  1. FMLA qualifying event - Please refer to FMLA Policy (Section 3-15)
  2. Short Term Disability (STD) - Please refer to STD Policy (Section 4-6)
  3. Participating Employee - a regular full-time employee of the college that is a member of the Sick Leave Pool as defined by Human Resources.
  4. Immediate family designated as follows:
    1. Employee's spouse, meaning husband or wife as defined or recognized under state law for the purposes of marriage in the state where the employee resides, including common law marriage in states where such is recognized.
    2. Domestic Partner as defined by Human Resources.
    3. Employee's child means a biological, adopted, foster child, or a step child. The child must be either under age 18 or age 18 or older and incapable of self-care due to a mental or physical disability.
    4. Employee's parent means a biological parent or an individual who had day-to-day responsibility to care for and financially support the employee when the employee was a child.
  5. Health Care Provider – can include, but is not limited to , a doctor of medicine or osteopathy who is authorized to practice medicine or surgery by the state where he or she practices, podiatrists, dentists, clinical psychologists, optometrists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and clinical social workers.
  6. Pool Administrator(s) - the person(s) appointed to administer the sick leave pool.
  7. Sick Leave Pool - the accumulated sick leave donated by employees for utilization in accordance with this policy.
  8. Authorized Agent - a person appointed to handle employee's personal affairs, should employee become incapacitated.
  9. Domestic Partner - a person with whom employee has cohabitated with for at least one (1) year at the same regular and permanent residence in a committed relationship not related by blood. An Affidavit of Domestic Partnership must be on file in Human Resources.

Pool Administrator

  1. The Pool Administrator shall adopt forms and regulations as deemed necessary for the administration of this policy.
  2. The decision of the Pool Administrator and the CFO regarding contributions to and withdrawals from the pool shall be final. The Pool Administrator and the CFO have the absolute discretion to administer this policy, interpret this policy, and make sick leave pool award determinations under this policy.