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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Working Hours

Effective 2/28/13

Faculty, Executive and Administrative Staff

In performing their responsibilities to the College, personnel in these classifications are not required to adhere to a fixed, rigid schedule.

Support Staff (Exempt and Non-Exempt)

Work Week - The Eckerd College work week will be 12:01 A.M. Sunday through 11:59 P.M. Saturday.

Overtime - Overtime will be performed by hourly employees only by the direction of an employee's supervisor. Flextime is available to full and part-time employees.

Flextime - Flextime is defined as flexible starting and quitting times within the established thirty-seven and one half (37.5) or forty (40) hour work week. All employees must be present during a defined core time period within the work day. Full-time employees must still work their established hours each week. Flextime will be determined by each department head.

Compressed Work Week - A compressed work week is available to full-time employees working a 37.5 hour work week at the discretion of the department head. A compressed work week is three (3) days at nine and one-half (9.5) hours a day, one (1) day at nine (9.0) hours and one (1) day off per week, Monday through Friday. Part-time employees must still work their established work hours per week.

Holidays that occur during a compressed work week schedule will be calculated at the standard seven and one-half (7.5) work day. Employees on a compressed work week schedule will make up the remaining hours during the work week.

Breaks - Personnel may take a fifteen-minute break twice each day, subject to the supervisor's discretion -- morning and afternoon at a time satisfactory to the supervisor. Break time may not be accumulated.

Absences - All faculty and employees of Eckerd College are expected to maintain regular attendance. In cases of sickness or other absences, which cannot be predicted in advance, the employee must contact his/her supervisor immediately to report the nature of the absences.

Tardiness - All employees must report to work on time, within the established core time period, as tardiness creates a hardship on other College personnel. If emergencies arise, the employee must contact his or her supervisor immediately to report the nature of the delay.