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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Salary & Wages

Effective 2/28/13


Salaries of faculty are recommended by the Dean of Faculty and approved by the President.

Faculty personnel salaries are determined by training, experience, academic rank, and quality of performance. Salary parameters are recommended for Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Instructors and Adjunct faculty and recommended to the Board of Trustees by the Dean of Faculty and President as a part of the annual budget at the Spring meeting of the Board of Trustees. Salaries are assigned which fall within these ranges. Annual evaluations are conducted to determine effectiveness in terms of academic instruction, mentorship, and professional productivity.

Executive and Administrative Staff

Salary for the President is determined by the Board of Trustees. Salaries for the Vice Presidents are determined by the President. Salaries for other administrative staff are recommended by the respective Vice Presidents.

Support Staff (Exempt and Non-Exempt)

Salary parameters for Exempt and Non-Exempt staff are recommended by the President to the Board of Trustees.

Salary Payments

Salary payments are disbursed on a semi-monthly basis on the 15th and the last day of each month. If these dates fall on a holiday or a weekend, payments will be disbursed on the last workday before the holiday or weekend with the exception of Winter Break during which salary payments will maintain the standard payment schedule.

There will be no payroll advances or employee loans.

Faculty on Annual Contract less than 12-month Period

Faculty on an annual contract for less than a twelve (12) month period are paid the annual contract amount over a twelve (12) month period, 1/24th per pay date. In the event that a faculty member does not provide the services specified in his/her contract, the salary for such services shall not be paid.

Recording Work Hours and Leave

Executive, Administrative and exempt Support Staff are not required to submit period attendance records for payroll purposes. Such personnel must report leaves of absences, i.e., sickness, vacation, bereavement leave, etc., to the Human Resources Office.

Non-Exempt Support Staff must report periodic attendance in actual hours worked. Reports must indicate actual arrival time, lunch time out, return from lunch time in, and end of day departure.

Payroll Distribution

Payroll checks are distributed from the Business Office. Employees have the option to choose direct deposit or hardcopy payroll check.

All departments are responsible for distribution of their own payroll checks by authorizing a representative to pick up payroll checks from the Business Office on scheduled pay dates.

Employees who are not regularly available to pick up their payroll check or direct deposit advice from their respective departmental representative must contact their representative for specific distribution instructions. The department representative has the responsibility to notify payroll on all questions regarding payroll checks or direct deposit advices that could not be distributed a week after the pay date.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is available to all employees. An authorization form with an original signature is required. Authorization forms are available in the Human Resources Office.