Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

IACUC Composition and Functions, and the Research Review Process

The IACUC, according to PHS Policy, must be composed of at least 5 members, and must include a veterinarian, a scientist, and a public member (unaffiliated with EC). The IACUC reviews each proposed research project, and significant changes to ongoing projects, to confirm that they will be conducted in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act, are consistent with the Guide, and meet a variety of additional requirements including the minimization of pain, discomfort and distress.

More specific IACUC functions:

  • Inspection of animal facilities
  • Evaluation of programs and animal-activity areas
  • Submission of reports to responsible institutional officials
  • Review of protocols for proposed uses of animals in research, testing, or education
  • Establishment of a mechanism for receipt and review of concerns involving the care and use of animals at Eckerd College
  • Meet at least once every 6 months
  • Keep records of meetings and results of deliberations should be maintained
  • Review the program and inspect facilities at least once every 6 months, and send written report to the responsible administrative officials on the status of the animal care and use program

Research at Eckerd

One of the hallmarks of a science education at Eckerd is the ability of students to do hands-on research. The purpose of this site is to outline the steps we take to ensure that our research is in compliance with a variety of guidelines and regulations.