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International Education

International Education

Passport 2012 | Program Descriptions

WTI-1G Language Immersion in Italy – Florence

Professor Antonio Melchor

Learn Italian while living in Florence and experiencing classic Italy with its inimitable balance of divine and human. In addition to attending language classes daily while living in homestays, you will have the opportunity to live in a city where the everyday - the food, the sound of the language, the landscape is special, and the present is as rich as the past. While participating in this program, you will have the opportunity to participate in a weekend trip to Venice, and an optional weekend trip to Rome. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and use the Italian language and to experience three extraordinary urban creations. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $6,450

WTI-1 Can't We All Just Get Along – NYC

Chaplain Elizabeth Shannon

Spend a month in the only interfaith, residential, intentional community dedicated to peacemaking and nonviolence in the world. (That we know about.) The Community of Living Traditions (CLT) at Stony Point Center, in the lower Hudson Valley of New York, offers us the unique opportunity to study the historic roots and modern realities of religiously grounded nonviolence; the joys and challenges of intentional community; and movements related to activism, advocacy, and community organizing in the New York metropolitan area. We will spend time with interfaith organizations in New York City, as well as explore the cultural and entertainment possibilities in "the city that never sleeps." Students are asked to commit to living in intentional community as they interact with one another and the wider CLT community. Like the CLT, those in this class will reflect the broad diversity of religions, spiritualities, and backgrounds that make up the Eckerd community.

Students are responsible for their own travel to Newark Liberty Airport to meet the Stony Point Shuttle.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $3,175

WTI-1E Natural History of the Galapagos Islands & Ecuador

Professor Joel Thompson

A unique opportunity to explore and study one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. We will camp in the Amazon rain forest, hike through the highland cloud forest, and spend a week snorkeling and exploring the Galapagos Islands. While in Ecuador, students will have an opportunity to learn about tropical rain forest ecology, examine the history and culture of Ecuador, and study the unique features of the Galapagos Islands where Darwin developed his ideas on the origin of species. Participants must be in excellent physical condition. A service learning component will be integrated into this class. Pre-departure readings and lectures will prepare us for the trip. Evaluation will be based on student participation, examinations, daily journal entries, and a final project. Fulfills the Environmental Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $6,300

WTI-2E Ecology and Cultures of Malaysia

Professor Jeannine Lessmann

Investigate the unique ecology and diverse cultures of Malaysia by meeting with conservation professionals and visiting conservation sites within this tropical country. Discuss resource extraction projects and dilemmas facing parks. The course will explore several sites of environmental and cultural significance including rainforest and marine conversation areas such as Mount Kinabalu National Park in northern Borneo. Students will observe a diverse array of endemic invertebrates, birds, fish and reptiles.

Students will learn about the cultural history and diversity of peoples in Malaysia. The course format will include lectures and informal discussions on-campus and abroad, readings, field observations, and an individual project. Swimming and snorkeling abilities are required and students must be in excellent physical condition. Evaluation will be based on class participation, performance on project, and examination on readings. There are no prerequisites required for participation in this program. Enrollment in limited to 12 students. Fulfills the Environmental Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $6,200

WTI-2G Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia: A Business and Multicultural Adventure

Professor Ed Grasso

Explore ancient civilizations and world class organizations on this adventure. The countries of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia have exhibited high levels of economic growth, business development, and cultural changes over the last decade and are designated as the new Asian Tigers or the next Mini Dragons. We will compare and contrast the management strategies and leadership styles of organizations in each country while exploring their historical and cultural treasures, and interacting with students and faculty at major universities.

In Thailand we will visit ancient temples in Bangkok, ride elephants at the Lampang training center and visit a hill tribe village near Chiang Mai. While in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam we will explore the Cu Chi Tunnels near Saigon, visit clothing manufacturers in Hoi An and walk the grounds of the Forbidden Purple City in Hue, the former imperial capital of past Vietnamese dynasties. In the capital city of Hanoi we will visit Ho Chi Minh's House, the Temple of Literature and enjoy "Roi Nuoc" a traditional water puppet show. While in Cambodia we will explore the more than 100 sacred temples of Angkor Wat built between the 9th and 13th centuries in honor of the Khmer Kings. Evaluation will be based on group project, paper, journal and intercultural interactions. Open to all majors. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $8,350

WTI-3E Conservation and Culture in India

Professor Alison Ormsby

Learn firsthand about India's environmental issues and conservation initiatives. Meet with conservation professionals and visit parks and cultural institutions within three regions of India, including the Sundarbans, a mangrove ecosystem inhabited by tigers. Discover the complex nature of conservation and the unique environments and cultural context of India. Deepen your understanding and knowledge of conservation and the significance of the cultural context, historical events, and contemporary pressures for natural resource development. The course format will include lectures and informal discussions on campus and abroad, readings, field observations, and an individual project. Evaluation will be based on class participation, performance on a project, and final examination on readings and field experience. There are no prerequisites required for participation in this program, just a desire and willingness to explore remote areas and be immersed in different cultures. Enrollment limited to 12. Fulfills the Environmental Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $6,525

Abiquiu: Ghost Ranch Conference Center

Ghost Ranch is a working ranch located in the uniquely beautiful high desert of northern New Mexico. Participate in a regional orientation program and enroll in one individual study project. Students travel on their own.

Courses Include:

  • Southwest Pottery A111; $2,570
  • Introduction to Silversmithing in the Southwest Tradition A112; $2,620; plus silver and stones for purchase, prices range from $200-400
  • Black and White Landscape Photography A113; $2,820
  • Triassic Park SW111; $2,545
  • Creative Writing: Personal Parables & Songs from the Heart W111; $2,495
  • Running Hot & Cold: Renewable Energy & Efficiency C111; $2,570
  • Earth Arts (Adobe 101) C112; $2,500
  • Painting Intensive A114; $2,570
  • Mixed Media & Abstraction A115; $2,570

Course descriptions are available in the Office of International Education. Prioritize three selections in 1-2-3 order; every effort will be made to confirm your first choice. Evaluation by project leaders. Costs do not include airfare. Costs are, however, inclusive of all fees except where noted and include round trip transportation from the Albuquerque Airport. Weekend and evening activities, dances, movies, and worship services are included. Enrollment is limited by Ghost Ranch - apply early.

Tentative Dates
January 2-25, 2012

WTI-3G Managing, Serving and Leading in the United Kingdom – London

Professor Frank Hamilton

This Winter Term provides a unique opportunity to examine management, leadership and the international community while living in London. Students will participate in on-site learning projects with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Study some of the distinguishing features of British management while absorbing London's culture. Visits to universities, government, NGOs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. Embassy are planned. Live in Historic Bloomsbury in the heart of the university and theatre districts. Use your free time to explore one of the most fascinating cities on earth - or perhaps a weekend on the Continent via the Chunnel. Evaluations will be based on daily journals, site visits, a project, and demonstrated understanding of and engagement with the culture. Work with fellow students to present a day's learning to classmates. Costs do not include airfare, transport to and from the hotel (tba), personal expenses and entertainment not within the program design. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $3,950

WTI-4E Tropical Marine Environments: Roatan

Professor David Duncan

This course is designed to familiarize you with diverse environments of Roatan, Honduras, and to provide you with an appreciation of the complex, interdisciplinary nature of this fragile environment. The course will examine the integrated tropical ecosystems including coral reefs, sea grasses, mangroves, and rocky intertidal zones. The geological component will examine carbonate systems particularly as related to the unique geological features, and the role tropical shallow-water ecosystems play in the geological development of the region. This environment is an optimum site in which to see firsthand the interaction of geologic and biologic processes operating to produce this unique environment while requiring only a basic scientific understanding. The course format will include preparatory lectures on the Eckerd campus, a field program at the Institute of Marine Sciences on Roatan, and a wrap-up on campus following return. The field portion will require, at times, long periods on and in the water making observations and collecting data. Consequently good swimming skills and snorkeling abilities are required. SCUBA certification is not required, but recommended. Non-divers are welcome. A significant portion of this program will also be dedicated to examining the Roatan culture and how the population interacts with the environment. Evaluation will be based on class participation, performance on research projects and presentations, and examinations. Fulfills the Environmental Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $3,200

WTI-4G Service Learning in Malawi, Africa

Chaplain Doug McMahon

A small hand reaches into yours as you walk to collect water for the day. A smile spreads across that child's face as she watches you carry the water through the field on your way back to the guest house. A laugh erupts from that smile when she later gets half-way through the English alphabet that you've taught her. These are the moments that make up our day at the Little Field Home, M'Pamila, Ntchisi District in Malawi. During our Winter Term, we will spend most of our time with the orphans and other village children, tutoring English and doing after-school enrichment. We will also spend time in neighboring villages doing medical outreach regarding HIV/AIDS and malaria. We will travel to Lake Malawi, the nearby rainforest, a National Park, visit local farms and learn about micro-finance and cash-crops that provide income to improve living standards. Our home for the trip will be Little Field Home, giving us an intimate understanding of the workings and culture of village life in Malawi. If you are looking for a winter term that inspires the best in you, this is it. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $5,300

WTI-5G Service Learning in Brazil

Professor Brian MacHarg

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, mixing mountains and ocean in a warm culture. While many travel to Brazil to enjoy this fantastic city as well as its natural wonders, numerous social problems exist which are sometimes overlooked by visitors. Travel to Brazil where we will explore the social concerns of the country and consider how community service might be an appropriate response to such issues. We will meet with various Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working on social problems that are particularly acute in Brazil. We will volunteer with several NGOs working to better the lives of the Brazilian people. We'll also get time to explore the country and see sights of cultural, historical and natural significance. We'll also make a short visit to Montevideo, Uruguay to compare how social problems and NGO responses are different in this neighboring country. Evaluation will be based on participation at site visits to NGOs as well as a written reflective project. Meets prior to departure. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $5,850

WTI-6G Spanish Language Immersion – Ecuador

Professor Yanira Angulo-Cano

Learn Spanish in Cuenca, Ecuador. Live with a host family and attend intensive language classes taught by local instructors. Other activities include culinary and dance classes, as well as guided visits to museums, markets, archaeological sites, and hot springs. One weekend excursion features hiking in Cajas National Park, with its scenic trails and blue lagoons. A second weekend excursion includes a visit to Ingapirca, Ecuador's most impressive Inca ruins. Students will also visit the historic center of Quito, Ecuador's capital. Perched at 8,000 feet in the Andes Mountains, Cuenca is one of South America's best preserved colonial cities. Its historic core is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the city has gained renown as a production center for Panama hats. The program is open to all students who wish to study Spanish at the beginning or intermediate level. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $4,300

WTI-1A Theatre and Art in London

Professor Jessica Thonen

From the thoughtful and often quirky performances of London's fringe theatres to its majestic architecture, from the eclectic artistic offerings of Tate Modern to the historic Globe Theatre, from the excitement of the street performers to the grandstanding performances at the Royal Opera House, London offers a unique insight into the belly of the theatrical beast. Often touted as the capital of World theatre, London offers a well-textured presentation of constant creation: art, dance, performance art, theatre, and more. Theatre and Art in London will offer an intensive study of theatre and art as the class considers London theatre's history, drama in performance, and London's central role in the arts. Students will journey for a closer look that will include visits to fringe theatre performances, the historic architecture of the city, modern and contemporary art, West End performances, and even, exclusive backstage tours as we visit and explore London itself. Living in the heart of the university and theatre districts, this course will offer students the opportunity to engage with London's various theatrical traditions as students see and study performances while also taking advantage of the great museums of London with daily excursions to experience London's treasures. Students will be evaluated on a background research presentation, group discussion leadership and participation, attendance, respect for fellow artists, and contribution to a safe and supportive learning environment. Costs to not include airfare, round trip transport from the airport to the London Study Centre, personal expenses and entertainment not within the program design. Fulfills the Arts Area Requirement.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $3,950

WTI-7G China: Its Changing Business and Cultural Environments

Professor Morris Shapero and Professor Hong Gu

Some Western economists now predict that China, the world's second largest economy, will surpass the USA in 2025. So how should Americans be prepared for the rise of China in the 21st century? We invite you to study Chinese economy and culture by visiting Beijing and Shanghai. Our trip includes visiting leading multinational companies and local businesses, as well as historical and cultural sites. Beijing and Shanghai are the window into a changing society. While Beijing, the capital of China, an ancient city of history and culture, is transforming itself into a modern commercial center, Shanghai, the metropolitan port-city, has been leading the country like the head of a dragon in its economic development. We hope this course will help you experience China first hand and broaden your views of Chinese business and cultural environment in its process of industrialization, urbanization and globalization. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $5,000

WTI-8G Service Learning in Rajasthan, India

Professor Olivier Debure

Always seen India through the Bollywood lens? Come join us in experiencing the true life in India through volunteering and living the difficult and ever so challenging life of the locals of a small village in the state of Rajasthan.

We will begin with a three-day stay in Mumbai where we will experience first-hand the city life and the influences of Islam and Hindu religions. We will learn about the current economic conditions of the country, the influence of art and history in modern and former India, and the status of women in new age India. We will then migrate to a village close to Jaipur in the northwestern state of Rajasthan where we will live the life of the locals by participating in their day to day activities and also help them with their small scale industries. We will help in the local school system and develop health programs for the awareness of AIDS and also Population Control. The last leg of our journey will include a two-day stay in a palace where we will experience both the Moghul Life and the rules of Rahasthan and its culture. In addition, we will be accompanied by an Eckerd College student from India who will introduce us to the real life in her country. Evaluations will be based on participation and reflection and group discussions, an interview report, and a reflection paper on what you did and learned. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $4,200

WTI-9G Sacred Byzantium: Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Ukraine

Professor Bruce Foltz

An immersion in one of the world's greatest and most enduring civilizations - as both a historical presence and a living reality - tracing the powerful currents of ancient spirituality still animating not just theology, but philosophy, art and architecture, politics, and everyday life in the Byzantine East. After beginning in Athens, with its awe-inspiring Acropolis and museums displaying the finest art of antiquity, and traveling to pristine, medieval monasteries perched atop steep rock pinnacles in Meteora, we will see the venerable churches, towers, and city walls of Thessalonica, stretched out along the Aegean Sea. In the snow-covered mountains of Bulgaria, we will visit spectacular Rila Monastery and numerous sites in the bustling, modern city of Sofia. And in ancient Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) we will explore the greatest monuments of Byzantine art and spirituality, including the Hagia Sophia and Chora Churches, the Hippodrome, the Great Walls, and the mysterious Underground Cisterns. Traveling north to Ukraine, once known as "Little Russia," Byzantine civilization assumes a distinctively Slavonic form; here we will explore the ancient city of Kiev, cradle of Russian civilization, with its fabled gold-domed churches and its vast, early medieval Monastery of the Caves overlooking the Dnieper River. The Byzantine world-view will be related to its predecessors and neighbors (ancient Greek religion, pagan beliefs of early Slavic peoples, and traditional Islam), while undertaking a first-hand exploration of the mystical spirituality of the Eastern Church known as Hesychasm - its aesthetic dimensions in architecture, iconography, and liturgy, and especially its living embodiment in monastic practice. Altogether, our itinerary will include at least six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Evaluation on readings, participation, and journal or final paper. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $7,500

WTI-10G Japanese Language and Culture

Professor Eileen Mikals-Adachi

Learn Japanese while experiencing Tokyo, the gateway to Japanese culture, past and present. Mornings will be dedicated to language study, and afternoon and weekend activities will concentrate on exploration of the cultural heritage and contemporary trends of this fascinating nation. Cultural excursions will focus on studying the juxtaposition of old and new in the capital and in contemporary Japanese culture, and will include visits to such contrasting landmarks as the ancient Meiji shrine and the fashion capital of Japan - Shibuya, the historical city of Kamakura and the center of anime and otaku culture - Akihabara, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the Ghibili Museum. Participation in such traditional arts as the tea ceremony and making a glass wind chime will also be scheduled. Evaluation will be based on performance in the language classes, overall participation, journal and term paper. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3-27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $7,250

WTI-11G Children's Issues in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

Professor Nancy Janus

Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are all beautiful Southeast Asian countries whose children have been significantly affected by poverty. In the Burmese border region of Thailand, rural Laos and rural Cambodia, numerous orphanages have been built to house children whose families are too poor to care for them, or where the families have been decimated by domestic violence, HIV/AIDS or other illness. This course will explore the resulting children's issues through service to schools and orphanages in each of the three countries. You will spend your winter term in rural Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia volunteering with children in schools and orphanages. You will have the opportunity of visiting sites of cultural significance in each country. Travel will be by bus, boat and train, allowing you to see the beauty of the region up close. We will have nightly reflections on the service that you provide during the day. Fulfills the Global Perspective.

Tentative Dates
January 3 -27, 2012
Approximate Cost: $4,500

Washington University Engineering & Applied Science

During January, Washington University offers concentrated introductory courses in engineering and applied science. These courses allow students attending institutions affiliated with the dual-degree program to explore their interest in and aptitude for these fields. Students should plan for travel expenses to and from St. Louis, personal expenses, dinners and incidental expenses. See Professor Harry Ellis for additional information.

Course offered: Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits
Note: Please check for prerequisites.

Tentative Dates
December 26, 2011 - January 7, 2012
Approximate Cost: $1,750

Winter Term 2014

Winter Term 2014

Winter Term 2014 course information available in the 2014 Passport

London Study Centre

London Study Centre

The London Study Centre is the heart of the Eckerd College study abroad program. Since 1970, when Eckerd College leased a 200-year-old Georgian row house from the Bedford Estates, over 2,000 students have called the Centre home. Learn more.