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International Education

International Education

Spring Into Summer

Eckerd has developed a new model known as spring-into-summer. Students register for class as part of their spring semester and prepare for travel that commences at the end of that semester. Destinations for these programs are announced in November of each academic year.

Past Programs

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Spring into Summer = Spring into Summer

2016 Destinations

Ireland: Literature and Landscape

Professor Julie Empric

This course is intended for those who are Irish, those who wish they were, and anyone wanting to explore, through a focus on Ireland, the rich boundaries between language, imagination, history and the environment.

While often referred to as the "land of blarney," the little country of Ireland (population under 5 million, about the size of the State of Indiana) has produced in the last century some of the finest authors writing in English, among them: Shaw, Stoker, Wilde, Yeats, Synge, Joyce, Beckett, Heaney, McDonagh and Toibin. Why should this be true? What in the Irish land and culture, in its unique history and colonization by imperial England, its entrenched civil wars and devastating disasters, has produced such brilliant literary art? And how has that literature, in turn, shaped the ways in which the Irish understand and relate to their unique landscape, seascape and culture?

During the on-campus portion of the course, students will read significant Irish fiction, poetry and drama, historical and cultural background for these works, and articles about Ireland’s environment, historical and contemporary. The travel portion (10 days), will include a stay at Trinity College, Dublin, as a base to explore eastern, urban Ireland and environs, including a talk at the National Library on Ireland’s environmental challenges, tours of Trinity College library and the Book of Kells, the Abbey Theatre, and other city sites, music venues, walks and pubs as well as a day in County Wicklow (stopping at Joyce’s Martello Tower and Museum). Then we will travel cross-country by coach to the Irish West, where the remote wilderness challenges romantic notions of beauty, culture, and nature. Students will hear talks from environmentalists at National University of Ireland-Galway, and journey to sites immortalized by Yeats, Synge and McDonagh, including the mythic landscape of the Western coast and the Aran Islands.

This course may be taken to fulfill the Humanities requirement, or the Environmental Perspective requirement, or as an “English” course required by pre-professional majors such as pre-med. It will also serve toward the Literature major or minor, and as an elective Literature course required for Creative Writing.

Travel Dates: May 23 – June 1, 2016 (approximate)

For more information, please contact International Education, Seibert 100, internationaled@eckerd.edu or 727-864-8381.

Marketing in Emerging Markets: Brazil on the Eve of the Olympics

Professor Sandra Graca

Multinational companies are seeking ways to diversify and increase sales by expanding into emerging markets. Brazil represents the “B” in BRICS and provides an increasingly stable and lucrative market for companies seeking to expand abroad. This course will discuss the current state of international trade in the Brazilian market environment and discover ways in which companies can adjust the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) to succeed. There will be a focus on tourism and sports marketing in lieu of the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The course is a spring-into summer and will include a two-week trip to Brazil. Students will have an opportunity to meet with local business leaders, government officials, and members of the academic community. The study abroad component of the course will also include a tour of the Olympic City in Rio de Janeiro.

Travel Dates: May 23 – June 5, 2016 (approximate)

For more information, please contact International Education, Seibert 100, internationaled@eckerd.edu or 727-864-8381.

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