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International Education

International Education


"The friends I've made, the decisions that traveling has helped me come to, and the hope for more travels in years to come have made studying abroad one of the best experiences of my college career."

Taryn Fielder
Political Science/International Relations and Global Affairs
Italy, China, France, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

"Going abroad allowed me to combine my love of biology with my interest in the Spanish language and Latin American culture. It was a life-changing experience full of people and places that I will never forget."

Rayetta Grasty
Costa Rica

"Study abroad assisted in the molding of the person I am today."

Stephen Finger
International Business/Anthropology
London Study Centre

"Studying abroad allowed me to take a look at my education from another perspective and see what I want to do and where I want to go."

Quilla Trimmer-Smith
Environmental Studies-Policy/International Relations and Global Affairs
London Study Centre, Costa Rica, New York

"I met many people, American and Chinese, with whom I still keep in contact. Academically, it gave me a great edge in the field of U.S.-Chinese relations."

Ryan Singleton
Political Science
Hong Kong

"These experiences have been integral to my development as a person."

Michele Merves
Scotland, Italy, Israel

"I took full advantage of living in Europe -- I traveled to 11 countries!"

Sarah Wickham
International Business
the Netherlands

"I feel like somebody gave me a new pair of glasses and changed my vision of the world -- and I can't take them off."

Jessica Dolan
International Relations and Global Affairs/Spanish
Costa Rica

"As a result of what I've learned here at Eckerd, I am about to go to Argentina as a Rotary Scholar."

Sara Westrick
International Relations and Global Affairs/Modern Languages
England, France, Switzerland, Germany

Winter Term 2014

Winter Term 2014

Winter Term 2014 course information available in the 2014 Passport

London Study Centre

London Study Centre

The London Study Centre is the heart of the Eckerd College study abroad program. Since 1970, when Eckerd College leased a 200-year-old Georgian row house from the Bedford Estates, over 2,000 students have called the Centre home. Learn more.