Welcome and Introductions

Welcome by Miles C. Collier
Chairman, Eckerd College Board of Trustees

Distinguished guests, students, trustees, faculty, members of ASPEC, and staff,

Good afternoon and a warm welcome to the Ribbon Cutting for the Iota residential complex and Naming Ceremony for Iota's four houses.

I am Miles Collier, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and it is my honor to represent the trustees in today's celebration.

The printed program you have received describes naming traditions for the College's residential houses and the individuals we will be honoring today.

In remarks this afternoon you will hear about Greeks and Greek letters community building and concentric communities of learners Heroes and heroines whose names will be inscribed on Iota's houses.

What is special about today's program is the participation by our students:

Scott Hale, from Wisconsin, a major in computer science, who serves as Chair of the Iota Student Self-Governance Council.

Jon Chapman, from Bradenton, Florida, a major in management.

Rachel Robbins, from Murdock, Florida, a double major in economics and biochemistry.

Mellie Montano, from Illinois, a major in marine science.

Amanda Sciarrotta, from Safety Harbor, Florida, a major in management.

And Ben Burke, from North Carolina, a major in international relations and global affairs.

Our ceremony honors Frank and Jo Byars, Jay Lukens, Jean and Ted Wittner, and Grover and Suzie Wrenn.

We will use this occasion, too, to pay tribute to Professor Bill Felice, the 2006 Florida Professor of the Year and Ashley Rhodes-Courter, one of only 20 undergraduates in the country named only yesterday to USA Today's 2007 All-USA College Academic First Team.

Communities are strengthened when they honor the achievements of their individuals.

And I know no better college president in this country to celebrate our heroes and the strength of our community than President Donald R. Eastman, the third. President Eastman.