President's Statement

The liberal arts college is uniquely American: Its most salient features grow in ever more dramatic contrast to the prevailing trends of higher education. In addition to its focus on teaching of the highest quality and on the absolute priority of the close relationship between student and teacher, the liberal arts college believes that the most effective undergraduate educational experience must be residential.

What happens in the classroom is only part of the education of undergraduates, and the liberal arts college takes responsibility for what happens outside the classroom as well. It is our aim to develop the life of the mind, not simply to provide a brief encounter, quickly traversed and soon forgotten.

The construction of the Iota Residential Complex permitted the College to grow in concert with its commitment to house 80% of its students on campus and to do so in a facility that reflects the best of what we know about building a learning community.The size and arrangement of buildings, floors, rooms and common spaces are designed to create, support and connect groups of students in expanding concentric circles of community. Iota is not simply a "dorm," from the Latin "dormir, to sleep," but a place to live, to connect with others, and to learn.

Please take time to experience the learning community of Iota. In doing so, you will experience some of the singular values of the American liberal arts college.

Donald R. Eastman III