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Academic Resource Center

Academic Resource Center

Online Course Materials - Overview

You can go to your course in the Online Course Materials site (Moodle) and post materials using the utilities there and have greater control over where the links are, how they look, and what students see. The Online Course Materials site (Moodle) also offers lots of other utilities that allow you to interact with your students in many different ways. This site for your courses in the current semester is located at http://www.eckerd.edu/moodle/

Help in using the Online Course Materials site (Moodle) is provided here. The individual help topics from this site are collected in another document here. The MSWord version of this web page is available here and the PDF version is available here.

The Online Course Materials Site is the web site created to communicate your course information. It provides a single web site for students to access electronic information about all courses. Here you can post documents, pictures, links to other web sites, and announcements. This site also provides a place where you can interact electronically with your students in many different ways. For example, you can create electronic quizzes and assignments and you can have them participate in chats, discussions, and develop wiki pages. You can post temporary grades and can keep track of how often and to what extent they access these resources. The documents and web sites mentioned above also provide information on using these utilities.

When people (you or students) go to this site they see a list of the courses in which they are enrolled. They must use their Eckerd College email user name and password to log in. They can also see a list of other courses but they cannot access these courses unless the teacher has granted guest access.

You can also post materials in your directory (folder) on the academics server. If this is material for a course, be sure and provide a link to the material in the Course Materials site (Moodle). (Click for this option called FTP. Directions for Windows FTP or Directions for Macintosh FTP)

Google Apps for Edu


Eckerd uses Google Apps for Education (GAE)! GAE is a hosted suite of applications including communication (Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar) and collaboration (Google Docs, Google Video, Google Sites) tools. Learn more | Google Apps Status Dashboard

Microsoft IT Academy

Eckerd provides self-paced instruction through Microsoft IT Academy. Contact John Duff to request an access code for your course. Access Microsoft IT Academy here.