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Academic Resource Center

Academic Resource Center

FTP for Mac OS

Posting documents on academics (academics.eckerd.edu) using FTP (file transfer protocol)

If you want to post materials for a current course, you can click here for a program that provides easy posting and also creates the appropriate links on the the Online Course Materials site. However, this "Easy Posting" program has limited capabilities. If you wish to delete materials, change names, or post materials that are not part of a current course you should use the method described below. If you use the method described below to post course related materials we request that you create the appropriate links on the Online Course Materials site so students can find the materials easily. After posting materials for courses, click here to control the links on the Online Course Materials site.

An easy way to manage your documents on an Eckerd server is to use the Fetch program for Macintosh computers. This is not a free program. However, Eckerd College has a site license for faculty and staff to use this program. Please read these directions first and then click here to obtain the program.

  1. When you download the Fetch program, it will probably unzip to create a folder. (If it does not, you will need to unzip it.)
  2. You must place the entire folder inside the "Applications" folder. Fetch will not run until it is moved.
  3. You start the program by clicking on the Fetch icon. (It looks like a puppy dog.)
  4. The first time you run the program, you will need to enter the following information:
    • Hostname=academics.eckerd.edu
    • Username=Your Eckerd College email user name (without the @eckerd.edu)
    • Connect using ftp
    • Password=Your Eckerd College email password

You will end up in your folder on the "academics" server at Eckerd. Here you can:

  • Create folders – (Click on the "New Folder" icon.)
  • Add documents – (Find the document on your computer and "drag and drop" the document. The document will not be removed from your own computer but a copy will be placed on the server).
  • Delete folders or documents – (Select folder or document and then drag it to your "Trash can")
  • Edit documents – (Edit the document on your own computer. Then, "drag and drop" the document into the same location as the old document on the server. If the revised document has exactly the same name as the old document, the revised version will replace the old version. It is likely that a window will appear asking you if you really want to replace the old document.)

This "window" for the server acts almost exactly like a folder on your own computer. However, PLEASE NOTE – You cannot drag a document from one folder to another on the server. You must take the document to your own computer and then take it back to the new location on the server. Also, with most documents you cannot open-to-edit the documents directly. For most documents you need to have them on your own computer to edit them.

PLEASE NAME YOUR DOCUMENTS CORRECTLY. For access on the Internet, please use only letters and numbers and underscore (_), hyphen (-), and period (.) in the name of any document. Spaces may cause a little bit of trouble. The following symbols will cause lots of trouble, so don't use them in the names of documents: DON'T USE (/, #, @, !, ", ', or most other special symbols)

Google Apps for Edu


Eckerd uses Google Apps for Education (GAE)! GAE is a hosted suite of applications including communication (Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar) and collaboration (Google Docs, Google Video, Google Sites) tools. Learn more | Google Apps Status Dashboard

Microsoft IT Academy

Eckerd provides self-paced instruction through Microsoft IT Academy. Contact John Duff to request an access code for your course. Access Microsoft IT Academy here.