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Copy Center

Copy Center


Reference materials for the copy/print/scan devices.

Printing Options

You can see the print options that are available on these devices.  The options will vary based on the model.

Account Codes

Printing with Account codes from a Mac

KM-3050, KM-4050, KM-5050
Quick Reference Guide
Kyocera Documentation Web Site

KM-2560, KM-3060
Kyocera Documentation Web Site

Print Resolution

These devices have multiple levels of print resolution. These control the amount of toner used per print, so it also controls how long a cartridge will last. The default is set to fast 1200:

fast 1200 which uses image enhancement to deliver the equivalent of 600dpi in the direction the paper is moving and 1800dpi on the other axis, thus giving the appearance of output from a full 1200dpi printer. This also makes the printer tolerant of mechanical judder on the paper feed path, and enables heavyweight or recycled media to be used.

The settings can also be set to 600 dpi, 300 dpi or EcoPrint, which use less toner. Please contact the copy center is you would prefer one of the options that uses less toner.

Google Apps for Edu


Eckerd uses Google Apps for Education (GAE)! GAE is a hosted suite of applications including communication (Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar) and collaboration (Google Docs, Google Video, Google Sites) tools. Learn more | Google Apps Status Dashboard

Microsoft IT Academy

Eckerd provides self-paced instruction through Microsoft IT Academy. Contact John Duff to request an access code for your course. Access Microsoft IT Academy here.