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Mailing Lists and Google Apps

Google Apps for Education - Mailing Lists and you

Important information about moderated mailing lists and aliases!

Google Apps means big changes to campus mailing lists. These will affect you whether you choose to Google Apps during the opt-in period.

Managed campus mailing lists and automated aliases for courses, housing, majors, and so on will move to If you manage a "mailman" mailing list, contact Walter Moore <> to schedule the time  your mailing list's move to its new home.

"Other" aliases, such as department mailing lists:

New versions of these lists are being built using Google Groups. The mailing address will be the same as it was before with many new features once your and fellow list members are on Google Apps. Non-Google users will still receive e-mail from the groups as before.

*All NEW aliases will be created as Google Groups. You will need to opt-in to Google Apps to manage your alias once it is on Google Groups. All Aliases that are not converted to Google Groups WILL STOP WORKING at the end of the opt-in period.*

Contact Walter Moore to recreate your aliases, or go create them yourself using Google Groups:

Please include the following information when you contact ITS:

  • Each alias you wish to convert or create
  • Who should "own" the alias - who should have rights to approve or block messages, and add or remove users.
  • Anything special about rights to view group discussions or send messages to the list (members only, announce only, open to, or open to the world)
  • Whether you wish to copy over list membership or start fresh

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