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Postini is an email security and archiving tool from Google.  It provides an additional layer security by blocking intrusions in the cloud before they reach our network.  Perhaps more importantly Postini maintains an email archive for those users with Postini accounts that is separate and more extensive than the archive in Gmail.
Once your account is established Postini will periodically send you an email listing the messages that it is holding as spam.  You can visit the Postini site as described below to review and deliver any of these messages.  Or you may ignore the email and Postini will eventually delete the flagged messages.  
Postini also automatically creates an archive of your email for up to 10 years.  You may use Postini to search this archive.
Getting started
ITS must set up each Postini account.  When your account is activated you will receive an email with a temporary password and a link to the Postini site.  You will be prompted to change your password immediately.  
To the Postini site in the future simply point your browser to:
Using Postini
Once logged in Postini will present with the following screen which defaults to display the Junk tab.  These are all the messages that Postini has flagged as spam.  You may click the message link to read it, click deliver to send it to your inbox, or select and delete some or all of the messages.  If you ignore the messages Postini will delete them for you in approximately one week.
The Virus, Trash, and Delivered tabs are self-explanatory.  Most users will not find these tabs particularly useful.  The Archive tab may, however, be occasionally quite helpful.    
The Search and Advanced features work just as you would expect.  Postini will return messages that meet your search criteria.  You may then elect to Recover some or all of the messages.  The recovered messages will be sent to you inbox.  Because the Postini archive is separate from the archive in Gmail searches of the Postini archive will include even those messages that you might have deleted in Gmail.

By selecting My Settings you will find options to Approve or Block specific senders, an option to adjust the level of your junk mail filter, and an option to change your password.

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