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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

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  1. How do I get started with ECWeb?

    ECWeb is your gateway to a host of online services including registration, grades, official transcript requests, financial information, time entry and online payment. You can access ECWeb directly through any current browser.

    To login go to http://ecweb.eckerd.edu

    Clicking HELP in the upper right hand corner of the login screen will introduce you to all the features of ECWeb.

    In the Eckerd ID/Username field, enter either your Eckerd email Username to login with your email password, or your Eckerd ID to login with your PIN.

    PIN/Password: If you entered your Username, then you should enter your email password. If you entered your Eckerd ID, then you should enter your 6 character PIN. Your email password is originally sent to your permanent email address. Your PIN is originally sent to your Eckerd email address. Your login information provides access to personal data, please keep it secure.

    The first time you login with your PIN, you will receive a message saying your PIN has expired. Please reenter your original PIN and then select a new one.

    Please create a new 6 character PIN and security question. Please provide a security question that you will remember, the security question can help ITS identify you when there are questions or you need help.

    Once you successfully log in you will be asked to change you PIN, you may enter any 6 character combination of letters or numbers. Your PIN will be case sensitive and should not be a common sequence such as 123456.

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  2. Where can I find more information on ECWeb?

    Further ECWeb help is available by clicking the "Help" link anywhere in ECWeb. Additionally you can click here for more help.

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  3. What is my username?

    Your username is the first part or your Eckerd email address excluding the '@eckerd.edu' part. The standard is derived from the first six characters of your last name, followed by the first character of your first name, followed by the first character of your middle name. This may vary if the username is already in use.

    As an example, John K. Smith would have a username of smithjk. Julie A. Everyname would have everynja for a username.

    Beginning Fall 2009

    The username for incoming students will be created with a different format from that of faculty, staff and existing students. The standard is derived from the first character of your first name, followed by the first character of your middle name, followed by the first six characters of your last name. Again, this may vary if the username is already in use.

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  4. What is my password?

    Your password for ECWeb and myEckerd is the same one you would use to access your email at Eckerd. You would have originally received this password via email from the ITS department.

    If you have forgotten your password, you can click on 'Forgot your password?' on the myEckerd Welcome page or the Webmail login page and provide the necessary information to have a new password emailed to your alternate email account.

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  5. What is my Eckerd ID?

    Your Eckerd ID is a seven-character identification number. New students will receive their Eckerd ID via email. Faculty and staff will receive their Eckerd ID from the Office of Human Resources.  This ID will often be used for a means of identification on campus.

    The Eckerd ID also appears on your Eckerd ID card.

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  6. How do I get a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

    To access ECWeb with a PIN, you should be applying for admission or a graduate. These instructions are for first-time users only, who have not yet logged in. If you have forgotten your PIN or if your PIN has been disabled, contact the ITS at (727) 864-8318.

    You need the following items of information in order to create your initial PIN:

    • Your Eckerd ID
    • Random PIN delivered to your alternate email account
    1. Access ECWeb
    2. Enter you Eckerd ID
    3. Enter the PIN you received in your alternate email account.
    4. Click Login
    5. You will then be taken to the Login Verification Change Pin screen. You should have a message "Your PIN has expired. Please change now." and will be asked to complete the following prompts:
    Re-Enter Old PIN:
    Reenter your PIN as before.

    New PIN:
    Select a new 6 character alpha-numeric PIN that is meaningful to you. Please do not select a common PIN such as 111111 or 123456.

    Re-enter New PIN:
    Renter the New PIN for verification.

    6. Click Login
    7. You will be taken to the Login Verification Security Question and Answer screen. You will be asked to complete the following prompts:
    Enter Question:
    Enter a question that you will later be able to easily answer, but would not be readily known by others. Try to make the question answerable with only one or two words. Examples: Mother's maiden name, favorite actor/actress/sports personality/high school teacher, pet's name

    Enter the answer to the question. This answer is case sensitive, so it is a good idea to keep the answer all upper case or all lower case.

    8. Terms of Usage.

    Terms of Usage: You are entering a secure information area. Unless otherwise noted, any information you enter or change will be effective immediately. You are responsible for any changes made using your access credentials. Please do not share your access credentials with others.
    If you agree to these terms of usage, click on the "Continue" button below. Otherwise, click on the "Exit" button.

    You must accept the Terms of Usage, by clicking Continue to accept and access the system

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  7. I've forgotten my PIN or it isn't working

    Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will become disabled if you fail to log in correctly five consecutive times (i.e. five times with the same ID number but an incorrect PIN).

    If your ECWeb access has become disabled, or if you have not received or have forgotten your PIN, and are:

    Applying for admission:  contact the Admission Office (727) 864-8331

    Trying to request a transcript on-line: contact the Registrar's Office at (727) 864-8217.

     If you are contacting the via phone you may be asked to answer some questions to verify your identity.

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  8. Granting limited access

    You can grant limited access to ECWeb for your parents or guardians by providing them your Eckerd ID and PIN. This limited access does not constitute a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) confidentiality release. For a FERPA release, visit the in the Registrar's Office.

    You can find your current PIN in ECWeb under Personal Information/Directory Profile. If you provide these items to other people, they will have access to view your grades and degree audit information. They will not be able to enter the registration area or order transcripts. You can change your PIN at any time to remove the access. The PIN can be changed under Personal Information/Change your PIN.

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  9. How do I change my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

    Click "Personal Information" from the Main Menu, and then select "Change PIN". You will be prompted to enter your old PIN, and then enter and re-enter a new PIN. Your PIN can be any 6 character value.

    Please make your PIN a number your can easily remember, but try to avoid using generic pins such as 111111 or 123456, to help ensure security of your information.

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  10. Updating Addresses and Phones

    You can update your own permanent, local, forwarding, employer (PEL students) or campus (employees) addresses by selecting "Update Addresses and Phones" from the Personal Information Menu. To update one of your existing addresses, click the link next to the address. To add a new address, select the address type you wish to add and click the "Submit" button.

    Please make sure you include the date range for which your address is valid. We recommend you double-check all the information you enter to ensure that your address is correct.

    Telephone numbers are associated with an address and each address can have multiple telephone numbers.The exception to this is cell phone number, which is used in the Eckerd notification system.  It is updated during by selecting "View/Update Cell Phone Number" and during each semester's Check-In process.

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  11. Updating Emergency Contacts

    You can add or added your emergency contact information by selecting "Update Emergency Contacts" from the Personal Information Menu. To edit or remove an existing contact, click a Name shown. To create a new contact, click on New Contact from the list provided.

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