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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

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Connecting to the Network
  1. How do I connect to the campus network via Ethernet?

    If your Ethernet card is installed properly, your network connection should work simply by plugging your Ethernet cable into the card and powering the computer. Check your connection by running your browser. Note: you will need to supply your own Ethernet cable.

    If you do not seem to have a connection, here are a few things to check:

    1. Look at the back of the computer and check for an unsteady blinking LED on your network card. If there is no blinking light, try moving the Ethernet cable to the next port on the wall jack. If there is no change, it could mean 1) the wall jack is not active, 2) the connection to the building is down, 3) the Ethernet cable is bad, or 4) your network card is not functioning properly.

    2. Verify that TCP/IP is listed in your Network Properties. If not, select Add > Protocol > Microsoft > TCP/IP. Check the TCP/IP properties and verify that it is set to obtain an IP address automatically and that DHCP is activated. The computer will restart when you finish.

    3. Check the setting in the Identification tab in your Network Properties. Change the computer name to your e-mail user name. Reason: Each computer in your building linked to the network must have a unique computer name, and there may be conflicts with other computers with the same settings.
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  2. How do I connect to the campus network via Modem?

    1. From the Dial-Up Networking folder, select "Make New Connection."

    2. Enter "Eckerd" for the name of the computer you are dialing. Your modem should already be selected as the device.

    3. Leave the area code blank and type 7999 as the phone number. Since you are dialing on campus, you will only need this four-digit number.

    4. Click "Finish." A new dial-up icon named "Eckerd" appears in the Dial-Up Networking folder.

    5. Right-click the "Eckerd" dial-up icon and select "Properties"

    6. Select the Server Types tab:

    • Remove all checkmarks in the Advanced Options box. Check only the TCP/IP box in the Allowed Network Protocols box.
    • Click the TCP/IP Settings button and enter the following:
    • Server assigned IP address
    • Specify name server address
    • Primary DNS
    • Secondary DNS
    • Click the "OK " button
    7. No other changes are necessary, so click the next "OK" button.

    8. Double-click the Eckerd dial-up icon

    9. Verify the phone number as 7999

    10. User name and password...see the instructions below.

    11. Click Connect. The modem will begin to dial. The connection will be made soon after.

    12. Your web browser should run normally.
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  3. How do I register my computer on the residential network?

    The first time you open your web browser you will be asked to enter your Username and Password. This will be same username and password you enter to access your E-Mail and/or the Intranet. This will not happen every time you turn on your computer.

    - By completing Network Registration, you are agreeing to the terms of the Computing Resource Policy. The Policy can be reviewed on the Network Registration Page, and it is also included in this Guide.

    - If you do not know or ever forget your password, bring your Student ID to the ITS Office.

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