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Information Technology Services
Peter H. Armacost Library

Eckerd College
4200 54th Avenue South
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toll-free: (800) 456-9009
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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Service Level Agreement

Student Repair technicians will conduct the following services on both desktop and laptop computers( Windows and Mac's)at the ITS department in the Armacost Library:

  1. Will work on Pentium class 4 processors ( Intel and AMD ), with Windows XP or newer only. Intel based Mac laptops,(MacBook/MacBook Pro's), and desktops, (Mac mini,iMac and MacPro ) with1.83Ghz processor or higher and OS X(Ten) Tiger or newer.
  2. Diagnose both hardware and software problems and advise to what solution would be best.
  3. Virus and spyware/adware removal.
  4. System Restore/Recovery.(With original restore software that came with computer.)
  5. Backup of school related information ( text and pictures only) prior to any system restore/recovery process only. NO MUSIC will be backed up at any time! All P2P software(Limewire, etc.) will be removed as these types of software contribute to spyware and virus problems.
  6. Student Repair will install anti-virus software when the current anti-virus program has expired or is no longer able to be used or updated and install free spyware removal software. We will also install any other software that is requested as long as user supplies ORIGINAL disc's. No copies will be used (due to copyright restrictions).
  7. No software programs will be supplied to users from ITS.
  8. Repairs can/will only be made on students equipment if software ( Windows and Mac ) is in English or can be converted to English.
  9. No repairs will be done to any type/kind of printer. It is cheaper to purchase a new printer then to try and get repaired.
  10. Any computer that is to be worked on MUST be owned by student. Computer's found belonging to other user's will be returned with no work done.
  11. Computers under warranty will be diagnosed only. Any repair must be done by the manufacturer or vendor.

Student Repair will replace the following hardware items:

In desktop systems: Power supplies,hard drives,memory,any internal devices or drives (floppy,cd-rom,dvd; video,sound, network cards,etc.) on Windows PCs. 
In laptop systems: Memory and hard drives on Windows PCs.

Necessary replacement parts will need to be supplied by the student. Any other item or problem will have to be taken care of through a repair center or, if under warranty, by the vendor.

We are available to answer questions and provide help at 727-864-8054 (on campus-x8054) or via e-mail.

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