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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Computing Resource Policy

Eckerd College aims to provide computer services consistent with its mission. These services normally are extended to students and faculty, and selected administrators, staff members, and alumni. However, with the privilege of computer usage also means responsibility, and the recognition of the finiteness of all computing and academic resources. Thus it is in the best interests of all users of Eckerd College computing resources that certain practices and behaviors be followed and others avoided. To that end, the following should be kept in mind:

1. Users must not allow unauthorized access to Eckerd College computing resources.

2. Users must not attempt to access another person's account, private files, or e-mail without the owner's express permission.

3. Users must not attempt unauthorized access to (i.e. hack into) computers on or off campus. Applications designed to enable a hacking attempt (e.g. port-scanning) are not allowed.

4. In electronic communication, no user is allowed to represent himself/herself as another individual.

5. Users must not employ Eckerd College computer resources for private business/commercial purposes.

6. Users must avoid practices that severely impact upon the bandwidth of the Eckerd computer network.

7. Users must avoid practices that severely impact upon the normal operation of the Eckerd computer network.

8. Users are not to send mass mailings or chain letters.

9. Users are to refrain from all illegal activity using Eckerd Computers, such as receiving and sending copyrighted information (data or software) without the copyright holder's permission.

10. Users must avoid claims that their Web pages and Internet postings represent official college policy.

11. Users are to avoid harassment, such as through hate mail.

12. Users are to avoid distribution of information that is deemed "classified" by the federal government.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disciplinary action, determined through the Dean of Students' office. In all cases, Eckerd computer system administrators reserve the right to remove or restrict the computer access of those who abuse the college's computer resources. As an Internet service provider, Eckerd College has certain legal responsibilities, and so federal and/or state criminal proceedings may be initiated against those who abuse college-computing resources.

These guidelines are meant to be illustrative, not comprehensive. Information Technology Services can provide guidance in specific cases.

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