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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Computer Equipment Disposal Policy

A department may possess Eckerd owned computer equipment that is no longer required due to:

  • Excess of useful life (cannot provide "basic level of service")
  • Lack of continued need (sits unused)
  • Can not be upgraded to handle required software/hardware
  • Wear, damage, or deterioration
  • Excessive cost of maintenance
  • New installation (extra computer)
Computer related equipment meeting any of the above situations would be considered surplus. Departments having surplus equipment should not dispose, sell, redistribute, donate, or "part" without contacting the ITS department first. Send email to pchelp@eckerd.edu or call x8318.

Based on ITS' assessment of the equipment, ITS will:

1. Redistribute
An effort will be made to redistribute the computer equipment to a location within the College that may make use of the equipment. In this case, the computer is put back into service somewhere else on campus.

2. Sell
Any hardware considered being no longer of use or service to the college shall be sold wherever possible. ITS will ensure the hardware is cleared of all software licensed to the college and any data left by the previous user. ITS will determine a fair market price and consider the appropriate way to sell the equipment for the best price.

3. "Parts"
Hardware that cannot be sold and can no longer be used, but has useful parts, will be cannibalized for those parts.

4. Donate
The equipment that cannot be put back into service, sold, and cannot be used for parts will be donated whenever possible.

5. Dispose
If it is determined that computer equipment cannot meet any of the above categories, then it will need to be disposed of. ITS will dispose of the equipment in compliance with all state and federal laws. ITS will make every effort to be environmentally responsible.

 Please note:Its will also take any computer equipment that needs to be recycled/disposed of by any student. Just bring to the Its department and we will take care of it as per the equipment disposal policy.

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You can now request ITS help online by using the Eckerd College ITS ticket system. Request help here.

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