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Information Technology Services
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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Banner Setup and Access

Banner - Click for access

Recommendations and Minimums


Minimum screen resolution is 1024x768. If Banner does not fit well on your screen, your screen may be set too low. To learn how to change you screen resolution, click Reset Screen Resolution.


The recommended browser from ITS for Banner is a current version of FireFox. If you do not have this on your machine, click to go to download. You may also use a current version of Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Blank Browser Window

The option we chose for Banner will cause a blank window to open up also. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW WHILE STILL IN BANNER. If you close this blank browser window, it will also close your current Banner session. This option was picked to allow the Banner screen to be as large as possible.


You can copy the link (N:/banner/Banner 8 (PROD)) to your desktop and then use it to start Banner with your default browser.

My Links

If you wish to add or modify the My Links choices, this can be done from GUAUPRF under My Links.

Pop-Up Blockers

If you want to be able to use the My Links from the Banner Menu, you will need to make ecweb.eckerd.edu a trusted site in your web browser. With FireFox, you can make myecweb.eckerd.edu a trusted site by going to Tools/Options/Content and clicking Allowed Sites. Enter myecweb.eckerd.edu in Address of web site:

Get ITS Help

You can now request ITS help online by using the Eckerd College ITS ticket system. Request help here.

Event Tech Support Request Form

Google Apps for Edu


Eckerd uses Google Apps for Education (GAE)! GAE is a hosted suite of applications including communication (Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar) and collaboration (Google Docs, Google Video, Google Sites) tools. Learn more | Google Apps Status Dashboard

Microsoft IT Academy

Eckerd provides self-paced instruction through Microsoft IT Academy. Contact John Duff to request an access code for your course. Access Microsoft IT Academy here.