Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Printing Capabilities on Campus

PaperCut is a service used on campus to allow for managed printing.  Direct printing using PaperCut is available on the computers in the Armacost library. Simply print the job, give it a name, and then proceed to one of the release stations in Armacost to print the job.

Print requests can also be sent from any computer on campus including one’s own computer or laptop by using the PaperCut Web Print function.

To use the Web Print feature: 

  • Logon to using your email ID and Password
  • Find the Web Print Link on the left-side menu
  • Select the Web Print link and then Submit a Job on the following page. 
  • Select either the Library print queue or the James Center print queue. 
  • Enter the number of copies desired
  • Upload your document  -- note that the Papercut Web Print only permits printing of any Microsoft Office document type or pdf files.  To print any other types of files you must use the Papercut system on one of the computers at the Armacost library or convert the file to a pdf.
  • Select either the Armacost Library or the James Center print queue
  • Proceed to a Release Station to print the job   

Print Release stations are located in the Armacost Library in the Lab and in the Copy Room.   Print Release stations are located in the James Center in the hallway outside of the NAS office and in the North central corridor.

Those that are seniors at the start of Fall semester receive a $100 non-refundable quota and other students receive a $60 non-refundable quota for the academic year's printing. Black and white prints are 10 cents/page applied against that quota. If a student/patron chooses to print duplex, the second side is printed for free. For classes that have been determined, by the faculty member, to require significant printing, additional quota is provided and should be reflected in the quota.

A kiosk is available in the library reference area to purchase additional prints. Papercut also provides a link from the student's/patron's account page to add credit with a credit card.

For those that do not have a student account, temporary accounts may be created providing a $1.00 non-refundable quota.

Get ITS Help

You can now request ITS help online by using the Eckerd College ITS ticket system. Request help here.

Google Apps for Edu


Eckerd uses Google Apps for Education (GAE)! GAE is a hosted suite of applications including communication (Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar) and collaboration (Google Docs, Google Video, Google Sites) tools. Learn more | Google Apps Status Dashboard

Microsoft IT Academy

Eckerd provides self-paced instruction through Microsoft IT Academy. Contact John Duff to request an access code for your course. Access Microsoft IT Academy here.