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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Using Novell's NetStorage

Getting Started

  1. Eckerd College's Novell NetStorage
  2. Accept any certificate prompts
  3. Enter your user ID and password

Note: At the top of the web page are two buttons. One is to logout, the other is to switch to the Text View. There are two views. The one presented at login is the GUI (or Folder) view. Use it if you wish, or switch to the text view if you have trouble. The instructions here are for the Folder view.

To use NetStorage, popup blockers must be off, and java with java scripts must be enabled. Also, cookies must be enabled. NetStorage appears to be friendly to all web browsers with java script capabilities. Please let us know if you find an incompatible browser. In that case, you may see an error like: "This browser does not support Java script . . . "; For most browsers, this is easily corrected. There are three main windows in the Folder view. At the top is a button area with two buttons, for logging out and for changing to the folder view. At the left is the folder window. In the center is the list of folders and files under the folder highlighted in the left window. We will call it here the File list. At the top of the file list are the menu controls: File, Edit, View, Help. Clicking on any of these four menus presents features you may use. If a feature is in gray, it is unavailable for the item selected. If the feature is in black, it is available for the item selected.

Notice all the little notes.  They should be considered as warnings.  The simplest thing to say is it is best to copy the file to your local station, then work on it locally, then when done and after you have saved and closed it, copy it back to the server.

Some of the features you may use:

New Folder

This creates a sub folder under the folder you are in.
In the Folder List on the left, click on the folder you wish to put a new folder in.
Click File
Click New Folder
Enter the folder name you wish
Refresh the browser

Upload File

This copies a file from your local station to the server
On the left Folder List, navigate to and select the folder in which you wish to place a file
On the menu, click file
Click Upload File (or Upload...)
You may type the name of the file or use the browse button to find it
Then click upload
Refresh the browser

Download File

This copies a file from the server to your local station.
On the left Folder List, navigate to and select the folder from which you wish to copy a file
In the File List, click on the check box next to the file you wish to copy.
On the menu, click file
Click Download...
A pop should appear asking for what to do
Select "Save to Disk"

Depending on your browser's configuration, a prompt may appear for the location. Note the location and select the place to save the file, and save the file. (Note: Your browser may be configured to a preset location and so the location prompt may not appear.) Depending on your browser's configuration, some sort of message may appear upon completion of the download, or some sort of progress prompt may appear, with a completion notice.

Open a file

NOTE: Opening a file does not work consistently. We do not suggest you use this feature. Instead, use download and upload files and work with the files on your local station's hard drive. Perhaps Open a File is good for viewing a file but saving the file is very confusing, and your work may be lost if you try to do so.

This will open a file into an appropriate application.
To open a file, double-click on the file name.
A prompt may appear asking whether the application suggested is the correct application.
(Or the file may open directly upon selecting it.)
Either select save to disk or open with the suggested application
Click OK

Delete a file

Click in the check box next to the file or folder
Click on the delete button
In the prompt which appears click OK to accept
Refresh the browser

Rename a file

NOTE: We have seen strange behavior with file names that have spaces and underscores.  This feature may be useful in preventing the behavior.

Click in the radio button next to the file or folder.
Click rename In the prompt which appears, type the new name.
Click OK to accept Refresh the browser

Move and Copy Buttons

These features appear to not work consistently as intended. Both work in much the same way, except one leaves a copy on the server and the other removes the file to another location.

These features may not work in the folder view. They work in the text view, but with limited functionality, since they do not have browse capabilities, so you must know the destination folder name. They will not copy or move off the server, but only to another server folder. Our opinion is you should use the Open File feature instead, and then save the file to the needed location. Use Upload and Download to copy to and from the server.


Notice the recommendation to close the browser.

NOTE:   Between sessions, ii might be necessary to clear cookies and cache.

NOTE:   If upon an action, nothing seems to happy, try refreshing the browser, or logout and clear cookies and cache, and login again to work.

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